Network servers in data room

One secret to saving money on IT costs is through using a server. A server simply acts as a single specialized computer that ensures all computers connected to it have access to the resources, information, and systems they need, faster, and with fewer problems. It also acts as a centralized manager to make sure data is secure and organized.

Here are 12 surefire signs that your Raleigh area business could definitely benefit from a server.

  1. You have 2 or more computers that need to share office equipment (printers, fax machines, scanners) and resources (internet access)
  2. You have irreplaceable files and data residing on more than one computer that need to be secured from loss, corruption, or unauthorized access
  3. You need (or want) secure access to your computer files while traveling or working remotely
  4. You need to back up critical files on more than on computer, and you would like to be able to restore accidentally deleted filed or previous versions of your files
  5. You need CRM software and accounting programs to manage and communicate with your growing list of clients and vendors
  6. You need to manage different versions of one file
  7. You need a central communication system that makes it easy to schedule group meetings and share information with employees, vendors, and customers
  8. You need to allow employees to share databases and other software tools
  9. You would like to send group faxes and email broadcasts to customers
  10. You want to save money by hosting your own company website and email
  11. You want to control employee access to sensitive records and information
  12. You want a central access point for information

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