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Not only are spam emails annoying and time consuming, they can contain nasty malware.

First and foremost, it’s absolutely critical that you get a quality spam blocking software installed as a first line of defense.

Here are 4 simple preventable measures you can take that will go a long way in keeping spam out of your inbox.

  1. Use a disposable email address. If you’re an online shopper or occasionally subscribe to websites that interest you, chances are you’re going to get spammed. Set up a free email address and use it when buying anything online or opting in to online newsletters.
  2. Pay attention to check boxes that automatically opt you in. Whenever you subscribe to anything or make a purchase online, be very careful of small, pre-checked boxes that say “Yes! I want to receive offers from third party companies.” Take a close look at every online form you fill out.
  3. Don’t post your main email address on your website, web forums, or newsgroups. Spammers have special programs that can capture email addresses from websites without your permission. If you are posting to a web forum, use a disposable email address. If you want to post an email address on your home page, use info@, and have the replies forwarded to your inbox.
  4. Don’t open, reply to or try to opt-out of obvious spam emails. Opening, replying to, or even clicking a bogus opt-out link signals that your email address is active, and more spam will follow. If you’re sure the email is from a well-known company that you purchased from or subscribed to, it’s okay to click on the opt-out link. Always be cautious!

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