It’s not a question of if your network will go down, but when. According to The Costs of Enterprise Downtime, Infonetics Research, companies experience an average of 501 hours of network downtime every year, and the overall downtime costs an average of 3.6% of annual revenue. 93% of companies that lose their data for 10 or more days, file for bankruptcy within one year, and 50% file for bankruptcy immediately.

Prepare Now or Pay Later

The Cost of Downtime

  • All internal business processes will cease (billing, hr, intranet, etc.)
  • Lost sales revenue
  • Lost employee productivity
  • No communication; no email
  • Cost to restore IT systems
  • Materials lost/disposal and cleanup costs
  • Financial impact of customer dissatisfaction
  • Contract penalties
  • Compliance violations
  • IT recovery costs
  • Missed deadlines; employee overtime
  • Priority shipping charges

The Good News For You

You Can Keep Your Business Running With:


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