Cloud Computing and Nature Concept

Simply put, cloud computing establishes the internet as your server or network. Instead of purchasing numerous applications to perform a variety of different functions, cloud computing enables users to log into a web-based service through one single application, which houses all the necessary programs for your employees to perform their duties.


  • Lowered IT costs. This is definitely the biggest reason why most companies choose to go to the cloud. Not only do you save money on software licenses, but on hardware, as well as on IT support and upgrades.
  • Ability to access your desktop and/or applications from anywhere and from any device. If you travel a lot or have remote workers, this is a big one!
  • Disaster recovery and backup are automated. If your server’s in the cloud and your office gets destroyed, you could purchase a new laptop and be back up and running within the same day. This would NOT be the case if you had a traditional network
  • It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to set up new employees.
  • You use it without having to “own” it. More specifically, you don’t own the responsibility of having to install, update, and maintain the infrastructure.
  • It’s a “greener” technology that will save on power and your electric bill. For smaller companies, the power savings aren't significant. However, for larger companies, the savings are considerable.


  • The internet going down
  • Data security. Some people don’t feel comfortable having their data in an off-site location.
  • Certain line-of-business applications won’t work in the cloud
  • Compliance issues

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