No matter how you look at it, buying a new phone system can be a significant investment for any business. But it can be even more expensive if you end up making these costly mistakes:

Not planning for future needs. Look for a system that will allow you to add new features and expand your system later on at virtually no additional cost.

Not getting enough voicemail. (Yes, there's a limit on voicemail. Who knew!?) Make sure your system has unlimited ports of voicemail. Also, your system should have the ability to set up an unlimited number of voice mailboxes.

Buying a system that doesn’t have “next generation” features already embedded. While you might not think you need features such as VoIP, web interactions, voicemail, and call forwarding, the system you buy should allow you to implement these features very inexpensively some time in the future.

Buying on price alone without making sure the vendor is truly qualified. Seek out the most qualified vendor, not the cheapest. (You know what they say... you get what you pay for.) Money saved up front can quickly be lost in your time and frustration.

I'm personally a big fan of VoIP systems. VoIP allows you to take calls on your laptop and cell phone, so you'll never miss a call again. It's also super affordable and great for growing businesses.

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