1. Anything you wouldn’t want the world to see (gossip, private matters, rude comments, how you really feel about your boss, etc.) Be careful and put thought into every email. You could accidentally send it to the wrong person or the recipient could accidentally (or intentionally) forward it.
  2. Passwords!!! If you email a password, you might as well post it on Facebook. You’re making it way too easy for hackers.
  3. Credit card information. No!! Think of an email as public. Would you go around giving out your credit card number? Probably not.
  4. Social Security Numbers. This is a great way to get your identity stolen. If you wouldn’t sky-write it across Raleigh, don’t email it.

If anyone asks for your password, credit card information, or social security number via email, it’s likely a scam. Contact the sender via phone or in person to verify the request first. Often, these emails will be scams. Businesses and banks should never ask for confidential information in an email.

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