Computer Motherboard
  1. If your computer is working fine right now, it doesn’t need any maintenance. Computers are just like cars. If you don’t change the oil and rotate the tires, it will eventually break down and be costly to repair. There are certain maintenance checks that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.
  2. My nephew/brother-in-law/husband knows this computer stuff and can help me solve my problems. Obviously not all technicians are created equal. Just because a person is good with a computer, doesn’t mean they know how to install a critical security patch, detect and extract a deadly virus, or upgrade your machine.
  3. You can always get a better deal on software, equipment, or services by shopping online. Sure, you can always find a cheaper price if you shop online, but you get what you pay for. If you’re getting a cheap bargain, chances are you will get very little service after the sale.
  4. All IT companies are created equal. Your best option will be the one who offers the lowest price. A cheap price usually means a cheap job. The only techs that will work cheap are those that are just starting and are grossly inexperienced. Find out how long an IT company has been in business and ask for references before hiring them.

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