Passports on World Map

Keep it locked. Lock your device when you’re not using it. Even if you only step away for a few minutes to grab a Cappuccino or use the restroom, that is enough time for someone to steal or destroy your information. Of course, choose a strong passcode or password for all devices.

Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it. Bluetooth enables your device to connect wirelessly with other devices. Only turn on this feature when you’re using it. Check out this article on how Bluetooth was used to hack phones in 10 seconds. The vulnerability has since been fixed, but hackers are always finding new ways.

Don’t auto connect. Disable the setting that allows your device to automatically seek and connect to available wireless networks. With this feature turned off, you only connect to wireless networks when you want to.

Only use secure sites. When online shopping or banking, only use sites that begin with https://. We recommend using your mobile network connection, rather than public wi-fi, to do any online shopping or banking.

Guard your mobile devices. Thieves often target travelers. To prevent theft, unauthorized access, or loss of sensitive information, never leave your mobile device unattended in public. We even recommend locking your device in the hotel safe, if you must leave it in the hotel room unattended. Don’t leave it laying out on the desk or bed. Ideally, take your devices everywhere with you while traveling.