Smartphone Showing Facebook Login Screen
Almost every company deals with phishing emails. It’s shocking to realize that even employees at Facebook and Google aren’t immune. Not only did these tech giants receive these emails, they fell for it!

Evaldas Rimasauskas, a Lithuanian citizen, admitted to scamming $122 million from Facebook and Google by sending emails to employees with fake invoices for computer equipment.

Now, this scam was a little more sophisticated than your average phishing email. He set up a fake company with the same name as a real electronic manufacturer, Quanta Computer, and used it to open bank accounts.

He then sent phishing emails to Google and Facebook employees with forged contracts and invoices attached. The fake contracts contained corporate stamps and forged executive signatures. This strongly suggests he had access to real Quanta contracts to copy. He also provided his company’s bank account details and asked for payment for the listed hardware.

He even sent fake letters that claimed to come from the real Quanta corporation’s actual bank that asked employees to send money to one of his fake accounts.

Ultimately, Facebook and Google fell for it and paid Rimasauskas.

Authorities claim that most of the money has been recovered. Rimasauskas will be sentenced in July 2019.


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