This is one of my favorite tricks, especially for those who don't have dual monitors. This trick allows you to have two windows open on one screen and split evenly. It's very helpful if you're typing in one window and have your notes in another window, or if you have your emails in one window and your calendar in another window. I personally hate having to click back and forth between different tabs and having to constantly maximize and minimize windows, so this trick is a lifesaver. If you're not sure what I mean by "split screens," take a look at the photo below and prepare to have your mind blown.

Screenshot of Microsoft Word and Wikipedia to Show Split Screens

Note: you can use this feature with more than 2 windows, but I find that it becomes distracting and cluttered. So, we're only going to discuss using 2 windows.

Open the first window you want to see on your screen. Hit the Windows key + left or right arrow (depending on what side you want that window to be on). The window will automatically snap to the side of the screen and re-size so it only takes up half of the screen.

On the empty half of the screen, thumbnails will pop up (see the picture below) and you can simply click on the window that you want to fill the other half. If you don't see the thumbnail for the window you want because it's not already opened, you can open the app, hit the Windows key + left or right arrow (the opposite side of what you chose for the first window).

Screenshot Showing Split Screen Thumbnails

Happy multitasking!

This tip is part of the Computerbilities Windows 10 Wednesday Tip Series. Last week we talked about how to lock your computer in less than a second. Next week we'll be  discussing how to create an email signature in Outlook. Check out the Computerbilities blog or social media profiles to catch a new Windows 10 tip every Wednesday!