In the corporate construction industry today, companies are more pressed than ever with deadlines and demands. There is no time for pesky IT issues, and it seems that reliable and thorough technical support is difficult to find. From CAD issues to network security, to horrible service from outsourced IT companies, the problems are endless and waste precious time. Ironically, many of the problems reported by civil engineers, construction companies, and contractors revolve around major issues that other IT services fail to conquer.

  • The first of these issues deal with CAD files: Picture this, you just finished hours of work for an important remodeling job and leave for a minute to grab a coffee or water break. When you come back, the file has mysteriously closed or somehow been corrupted. All that work you did has been lost due to a mistake made by your current IT company. This is one of the most aggravating situations in this field, and it usually means that your IT consultant has failed to backup your files hourly. Even more aggravating is that this kind of costly oversight is entirely preventable!
  • Another common issue that is unnecessarily bogging you down is difficulty sharing files: Sharing construction materials with clients over email can often result in freezing or shutting down of one or several applications., resulting in rebooting and troubleshooting a timely problem that could have been avoided.

Come back next week to see two more problems and how to get rid of them for good!