Though awareness is growing considering the importance of cyber security, it would appear we still have a ways to go in 2020. More blogs, movies, and media are recognizing the threat that cyber attacks pose, but when it comes to Congress, it seems that the House and the Senate are not adequately concerned. It is now 2020 and we are halfway through the  term of the 116th congress. During the course of the current Congress, almost 300 bills regarding or somehow including cyber security have been posed; however, only 9 of these have been passed into law. Despite this, there are a few bills that were passed that were big steps in the world of cyber security:

  1. R. 328- Hack Your State Department Act: This piece of legislature was one of the first passed when the House was enacted around a year ago. The bill requires the Secretary of State to enact a “Vulnerability Disclosure Process (VDP)” as well as other precautions to improve the security and protect the privacy of State technology.
  2. R.1- For the People Act of 2019: This act specifically relates to election security, at the polls themselves as well as within State systems. The legislation aims to increase the integrity of the election system as a whole and protect it more securely.
  3. 333- National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium Act of 2019: This bill, passed in late November of 2019, provides and encourages a connection between Homeland Security, and a group of non-profit companies who will work to educate, involve, and train individuals in Homeland security in how to best avoid and protect from scams and hacking.
  4. 1846- State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act of 2019: With this bill passed, Homeland security is  now allowed to partner with US governments at all levels to plan, discuss, and install defensive cyber security measures and technologies, as well as informing them of cyber risks.

There have been a few other bills passed so far this term, and there are many waiting in the wings which would be extremely beneficial to pass, but Congress does not seem to be urgently considering the proposed bills. With upcoming elections in the next year, we encourage you to consider choosing a candidate who will support greater awareness for  cyber security.