Cyber security is a current issue that affects a vast majority of people who have some sort of access to a computer, but did you know that according to recent data the US seems to be at more risk than other countries? In the case of targeted attacks, the US receives 38% of the world’s targeted attacks, followed by India at 17% and Japan at 11%. These statistics are stunning when you consider the advancements we have made in recent years in terms of cyber security. But these statistics then point to the possibility that hackers have been progressing just as fast as those in cyber security. Specifically in the US, 60 million Americans had their identities stolen via cyber attacks in 2018. Even more daunting is where we seem to be heading, a study by Juniper Research predicted that by 2023, 33 billion records will have been stolen by hackers.

So what makes the United States different? Why are we so prone to cyber attacks? Well there are many possibilities and factors that feed into it, but there is one that stands out more than others. The US has one of the world’s leading economies and as a highly developed country, there is a level of dependence on the internet than not many other countries have. With this great independence, stability, and level of advancement comes an equal level of vulnerability. Greater integration and reliance on the internet means more opportunities for hackers.

Because of our highly developed systems, there are ways to protect your computers and your information. That’s why companies like Computerbilities exist, we are here to help keep you and your families safe!