We know cyber security is an issue. From the previous blog post, we also know that the US is at greater risk than almost all other countries. (want to read more about it inset link). Even in the midst of what may seem like bad news, there are people in the US striving to make a difference, Louisiana State University (LSU) is one of these. It is more public knowledge that this University recently won the National Championship with their all-star football team, but it is less publicized that they are also making a difference in the IT world.

It’s a moderately well known fact that the cyber security industry is at a loss for qualified workers. There is simply too much rising demand and not enough people being equipped to handle these IT heavy jobs. As an added hardship, cyber security jobs in the federal sector can be even harder to fill because of the lower pay. But at LSU, the engineering department recognized this problem, and took action!

The faculty applied and was approved to receive a grant of $3.4 million from the National Science Foundation’s Scholarships for Service. The faculty has detailed that this large grant will go towards scholarships for students seeking to be trained in cyber security. The University has stated that the grant will be able to fund 21 students over five-years and copious amounts of high quality training. The training will include in depth in class learning about security systems as well as hands on experience dealing with high level malware, reverse engineering, and network security. Within the program, the faculty hopes to raise awareness for the kind of security jobs that are available and subsequently have graduated students continue spreading awareness for this issue the US is facing.