A few weeks ago on the blog, we went in depth on what the government is and isn’t doing to bring awareness and proper recognition to cyber security, if you’d like to read the article, you can at: https://www.computerbilities.com/2020/01/07/fbi-sheds-new-light-on-ransomware-tactics/A new development has surfaced recently by means of a new bill! The Cybersecurity State Coordinator Act of 2020, introduced on January 16, 2020 proposes that each state have a coordinator appointed to advise, monitor, and respond to cyber security problems within their assigned state. The proposers realize the frequency and impending threat that comes from cyber attacks. In section 2 of the bill, ‘Findings’, it states:

“Congress finds that— (1) cyber threats, such as ransomware, against State, local, Tribal, and territorial entities have grown at an alarming rate… (3) There is an urgent need for greater engagement and expertise from the Federal Government to help [State, local, and Tribal] entities build their defenses”

This was so encouraging to read! Its as if the government read the blog about increasing awareness for Cybersecurity! Only in our dreams…

Nevertheless, this bill would be an improvement to how our government handles cybersecurity, and is intended to increase the communication about cyber security between federal to state governments.  The implementation of the bill would also help to move towards quicker response times during the event of a cyberattack. Furthermore, the role would require the coordinator to be responsible for raising awareness and conducting training pertaining to cyber security. Funding for this role would come from the federal government, and while that may dismay some people, this use of funding would be a wise use of money.