Jeff Bezos is a mastermind, billionaire extraordinaire. He’s an entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Amazon. He has countless men working for him who are trained to keep his computer, phone, and other devices safe, and yet he got hacked because of malware he was unaware of.
It was back in the summer of 2018 when Bezos opened a message on WhatsApp containing a video.
The video was a bit more than 4.5 Megabyes and was later determined to have contained a hidden malware file. Because Mr. Bezos opened the video, the hidden file gave hackers access to all the information on his iPhone X.

The hackers used their access to expose private information which created drama and scandal for Bezos.
Though a thorough investigation was conducted after the hacking of his phone, it is still unknown which exact malware was used and why it was so effective.

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