We have all heard about the Coronavirus in recent weeks. It is surrounded with fear, and mystery for many. This epidemic has caused many problems within China, and has affected obvious fields such as health and pharmaceuticals; but it has also gone as far as to affect the IT world.

Many of the world’s LCD display screen production facilities are located in Wuhan, China. Many of the workers in these factories have been exposed to the virus, and because of this, several locations have essentially been closed to prevent further infection.
The Coronavirus is tricky because carriers can be contagious days before symptoms begin to manifest, this has encouraged many plants that have been even slightly exposed to close.
Along with the spread of disease within the LCD plants, which affects labor, resources for the factories have also been affected because other plants which supply raw materials are also shutting down due to the outbreak.

According to IT news, production rates could decrease by 10-20% in February.
But how does this affect us?

This delay in the supply chain is expected to have worldwide affects. Over half of the world’s LCD panels are sourced from China.
Because LCD panels will become more scarce, the price of those still in production are expected to rise in price by $1-$5.
This rise in price, though small at first glance, will create a snowball effect that will affect the global marketplace.


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