Malwarebytes, the leading provider of anti-malware software just released their latest Malware report for 2020.  The report was comprehensive and provided a lot of good insight, though some was quite intimidating.

There seems to have been a shift in a few major categories. For instance, MacOS are usually thought of as the more secure platform of technology to use.

In past reports and media Mac has been seen as a more secure option because of how often they update, and prompt their users to update, their software.

However, this year’s report showed a 130% increase in malware detections within iOS. One specific source of problem for 30 Million Mac users was ‘NewTab’.  So Mac users beware!

One thing that was pointed out was that hackers are shifting focus from consumers to business.  This is incredibly noteworthy and should be a point of large importance. On the business side, the adware threat is up 463% since 2018. Second in its reach is Hacktools, which has increased 224%.

To stay safe from these threats, you have to change with them… but how do you do that?

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