Nowadays, a majority of people, 67% to be exact, use Chrome as their default browser. They are obviously ruling the browser world and their market share cannot be rivaled!

Part of the reason they are so successful is because of all the updates they roll out yearly. Because they have such a wide user base, they also like to keep them informed. In their latest report, they detail what will be coming soon for Chrome!

Chrome is currently on version 80, but will be releasing Chrome 81 this coming March. The report also contains what will be releasing with Chrome 82, 83, and more!

Some updates coming soon which we found interesting are:

  • Clipboard Sharing - Chrome users will now be able to share a clipboard over several android devices with the Chrome 82 update. As long as both devices are logged onto the same account, the clipboard will automatically share between devices.
  • Stricter Policy on Unsafe Downloads - This update will also be on Chrome 82, coming out April 28, and it will provide more warning to users about downloads which do not seem to be safe for their device. The software will be able to detect when downloads are being used to share information with insecure sights! This is an exciting update for cyber security!
  • Chrome App Store Closing - In January, Chrome announced that they would be closing out the use of Chrome apps soon. With Chrome 81 in March, this policy will become effective and no new apps will be accepted. A few versions after that in Chrome 83, the browser will no longer facilitate the use of apps on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Browsers are always updating with a lot of terminology and specifics that are hard to understand. Actually, computers in general can be confusing for many! If this describes you or a company you work with, don’t hesitate to contact Computerbilities, we specialize in computers and want to help you and your business’ system run smoothly!