Anytime someone needs a recipe, a synonym for a word, the name of the actor in that movie they saw, or maybe the weather forecast tomorrow, they usually end up going to the internet.  Afterall, the internet is for human use right? Maybe not.

Turns out, 51% of internet traffic is non-human. If you think about this too long, it may scare you. But let’s take a deeper look at this statistic and see what we find!

According to an article by Stephen Sumner of Digital Leaderschip Associates, the data that produced this statistic was from a sample of 1,000 websites. Though this seems like a large number, it’s quite small when we consider the massive volume of internet websites. That’s not to say that the results are wrong, but it does make them a little less intimidating!

The study found that 49% of internet traffic comes from human activity, and that the of the remaining 51% that is non-human, 20% is benign computer activity.  After you take that out, you have left 31% that is dangerous.

When you break down that 31% it looks a bit like this:

  • 19% from spyware
  • 5% from hacking software trying to get into different systems
  • 5% from scrapers
  • 2% spam

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