In the spotlight this week for recognizing the growing importance of cybersecurity is George Mason University. The University is going to be the first to have a Section of their engineering program dedicated to cybersecurity.

The school’s Volgenau School of Engineering will be opening its Cybersecurity Engineering Department  on March 1, 2020. The department and its staff recognize the need in their own region of Northern Virginia for more talent in technology. The department also acknowledges that the country itself has a high demand for cybersecurity professionals.

When discussing the content that the department would cover, Ken Ball, the Dean of the Volgenau School of Engineering, saif that “Graduates from the department will have broad expertise across all areas of cybersecurity in engineered systems, and will be able to design systems proactively that are resilient to cyber attacks”. Ball hopes that the new program will help to make George Mason a top recruiting location for those seeking cybersecurity professionals.

As reported by the Center of Strategic and International Studies, there could be 1.8M+ unfilled positions in the cybersecurity field by 2022.  It has also been documented by Forbes that the industry is set to grow at a rate of 37% per year until 2022 as well.  These statistics are glaring, and those at George Mason University should be proud of their school for making a difference in the future of their region and nation. Hopefully, after the steps this University has taken, others will follow their lead and help to fill the needs of the nation.

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