A company who is a known U.S. government contractor, and therefore has had to go through copious amounts of inspections and certifications, was reported to have been infected by a ransomware ,which compromised many of their operations.

Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) had web-servers, which were infiltrated and infected during the attack, and data which they thought was encrypted and secure was affected by the ransomware. Upon analysis, the threats and encrypted ransom note became identifiable as the Ryuk ransomware. This specific type of ransomware has a reputation of hacking and attacking high profile companies.

This company is widelt known for its business supplying electronic equipment to government facilities, and lists important entities like the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security among its clients.  The EWA has not yet issued a public statement about the attack, or how they plan to recover, but evidence of the infection can still be seen online via a Google search of the company.

This company was one trusted by the U.S. government, who were known to have high levels of encryption, but even they were at risk of cyber attacks.

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