Blog Series Part 1: In a recent IT panel video discussion with fellow, IT support company owners, the following question.

"It’s difficult to work from home. Anybody  have any recommendations to help?"

Yes, It’s difficult to work from home. We soon learn that establishing routines is the ultimate key. Technology is here to help!

The world has been shifted and nearly every working environment has had to adapt to these movements. Working from home is more common than ever before and employees are having to adjust to whole new environments.

We are all aware that routines are also immensely important to ensure productivity and sanity. Keeping your day identical to how it was before, get dressed up, and keep the same hours as you would if you were still going to the office. Remember to do what you can to stay healthy during the working hours, take a walk, listen to an encouraging podcast, eat a healthy snack.

Fuel yourself with the right, positive energy! These are just a few easy steps to improve your sanity while working from home. Here are some technical tools that you can use in order to improve your approach.

As a managed service IT company, Computerbilities strives to keep all our clients in the Raleigh-Durham area at the same routine as they were before this pandemic.

This means making sure they are set up with the right tools to stay productive secure in their IT Systems and technology that is used.  Many of our clients have VoIP phone systems that allow them to call from home and connect from almost anywhere.

Utilizing VoIP contributes to a similar working environment they were in before, resulting in improved productivity. Computerbilities also installs extra cyber security agents on desktops and provided additional digital communication tool options to make sure that companies are up to date with their work activities.

You Can Watch This Section Of The Video: