Blog Series Part 2: In a recent IT panel video discussion with fellow, IT support company owners, the following question was asked.

What encouragement can you offer your fellow small business owners?

Firemen don’t prepare to fight a fire when the fire starts, right? They spend all their off time. All their down time training, getting ready, making sure where all their hoses are, and everything is all folded up nice and neat. They’ve got all their tools and everything is ready to go. So, that when a fire happens they’re ready… We must be like the firemen and have all our tools nice and neatly placed where they need to be. Have our hoses folded up and ready to go. When the economy gets unleashed again. When this pandemic is over. We’re all going to be ready to go.” -Ryan Haislar

Ryan is not wrong whenever he suggests preparing like a fireman.

Opportunities will arise when we least expect it, even in crisis situations. It is how you prepare and react which is will determine the outcome of the situation. Conditioning your mind to adapt and embrace the change will give you a more positive experience than reacting in fear.

There is a saying “When the going get though the tough get going (Billy Ocean)” This completely reignites in a crisis and keeping business in operation. This is why preparation and organization is vital when running a business. Computerbilities ensures that our clients receive excellent IT support and that they’re prepared with additional cyber security solutions and communication tools they can utilize at the best of their advantage.

Technology has been a very critical part of communication during this pandemic that reliable IT support is more important that ever before. Hackers and spammers are taking advantage of those most vulnerable to technology and using this against them. Prepare just as firemen do, invest in a reliable IT company to keep your systems up and running!

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