Blog Series Part 1: In a recent IT panel video discussion with fellow, IT support company owners, the following question.


“I want to use my employee’s home computers to connect remotely to the office. How can I do that?”

There are many tools that can be used to assist in remote work from home setups. A smart and affordable option is to start with investing in a Chromebook, then remote into the office network with a VPN.

Chromebooks are the ideal option because they come very securely set up. Then pairing this with a VPN will allow you to have a secure connection to your own network over the internet while preventing hackers from spying on your activity.

Additional security measures and applications that we suggest using are:

  • Password managers and strong passwords
  • Two-factor authentication, 2FA or MFA
  • Antivirus Software
  • Firewalls
  • Update software on a regular basis
  • Cloud applications

A big advantage of working with a quality IT provider is that they assist in helping navigate the best cyber security practices for your business to make sure that business stays profitable and secure.

However, if you’re a one-man office, this option may not be feasible.  So, here’s a place to start.

Password managers can be downloaded for free wherever you get your apps.  They are easy to use and will even create strong passwords for you.  You will only need to remember one password and the rest will be locked away safely and easily accessible by you.

Most applications have a 2FA setting that you can turn on and setup.  This creates another layer of security for your confidential files and information.

As an IT service provider for small to medium businesses specializing in the education and healthcare industries, next-gen antivirus is preferred for anyone of our clients working remotely due to the sensitive nature of their data. We recommend speaking with a local IT service provider in your area for the best options if your data is highly sensitive.

Regular antivirus software application prices can range from free for single users to over a $100 per year for multiple users.  Visit this site for more information.

Check your computer and router systems as they may have either a software or hardware firewall already available.  Turn it on, regardless of which type you have.

Set your software updates to autopilot, so that it is always up to date with the latest fixes and patches.

Utilize a secure cloud tool for accessing and auto saving files in all locations simultaneously.  This will allow your files to backed up automatically and enable collaboration with team members.

We highly recommend speaking with an IT support firm to get more information.  There are many free cloud solutions that are perfectly fine, but not 100% secure for confidential client data.

If you need guidance on your IT systems setup for remote workers, please call Computerbilities at (919) 469-5060 or visit our website at

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