Blog Series Part 4: During a recent video panel discussion of IT support company owners throughout the country, panelists fielded the following question from the audience:

“How can I have my office staff, employees, or team better collaborate while working from different locations?”

Technology has advanced at a rapid rate allowing us the tools for collaboration.

These tools are helpful especially now when you have to rely on virtual meetings to maintain the culture and communication throughout your business as well as IT support services.

Maintaining your business communication with your employees and colleagues is important, it will give you and them a routine to follow every day. Below are some different options for video conferencing and chatting:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • GoToMeetings
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Office Vibe

Computerbilites as a managed It support service company uses the Slack platform the most but we are planning to transition to Microsoft Teams in the next few weeks.

Microsoft is now providing a 6-month free trial to all businesses wanting to leverage Microsoft Teams in their business.

This is great if you're not already on the Office 365 platform to leverage it for free for remote collaboration. The other platforms listed are also offering 3-month trials of their programs.

During this time since everyone is working remotely, you may question how your employees are feeling on a remote platform. Office Vibe is an engagement tool that helps develop trust, improve performance and encourage collaboration.

This platform emails questions to your employees which they can answer anonymously. It is an optional survey, but this gives your employees a chance to voice their opinion without face to face interaction.

These questions ask topics such as are you motivated by your organization's values, do you feel like your organization trusts you to contribute to their mission, your direct manager cares about your well-being, on a scale from 0-10, how reasonable is your workload and more.

Contact Computerbilities if you would like to get more recommendations on communication platforms and if you need some guidance on how to find the best IT support company for your business!


You Can Watch This Section Of The Video: