Blog Series Part 4: During a recent video panel discussion of IT support company owners throughout the country, panelists fielded the following question from the audience:

“As an educator and parent, what is something I can do for my students and my children, especially if access to technology is not affordable at this time? I’ve tried to send reassuring emails, including cat pictures, but I worry about the educational impact as well as the long-term impact to my children’s’ and students’ well-being.”

The ultimate key to bridging the gap is communication. Our children need connection to their teachers, their friends and learning. There are many families that do not have internet at home or even a computer.

The community at large is pulling together and providing many resources—both educational and emotional—for families with school age children.

Laptops are being provided to students who do not have computers at home and most internet providers are providing free internet hot spots and in some cases free internet at home over the next few months

In addition, many technology platforms are altering their services to the educational community at discounted rates or giving more usage time for free.  Check out these free video conferencing apps to stay connected

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.
When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Even though much of what is happening now is out of our control, we can take some control back and prevail.  Leaders in business, families and classrooms can stay connected to their people using any and all means at their disposal—including technology.

Find out what’s available to you and use it to reach out to your family, co-workers, friends, neighbors and community and be supportive to all.  If we work together and support each other during this crisis, we can become better leaders, listeners, managers, parents, teachers… When this is over, all of us will have some great experiences and lessons to share.

As a managed service IT company, we try to educate our clients continuously on safe security practices and communication when it comes to technology. This includes making sure Raleigh-Durham community is at ease and has the services/education needed to help get through .

Computerbilities Inc donates our time and resources to the Cary, NC based business, known as The Carying Place .

This organization works with families and in the community to provide short-term housing, teaching life skills and coordinating with other partners for long term solutions that improve the quality of their lives  and well-being.

The Carying Place is dedicated to giving Raleigh-Durham community members the knowledge and assistance they deserve.

You Can Watch This Section Of The Video: