Blog Series Part 6: How To Be Aware Of Cyber Criminals And Staying Secure Working From Home

During a recent video panel discussion of IT support company owners throughout the country, panelists fielded the following question from the audience:

“How are cyber criminals using covid-19 to gain access to your computer and make money? And how we can make working from home more secure?”

With the current state of uncertainty and rapid infection rate, it gives cause for cyber criminals to hack and seek ways to make you feel vulnerable and not secure working remotely. Cyber criminals will create suspicious emails that will mimic the CDC or any other sites that relate to the pandemic in North Carolina.  For example, some emails will be tailored to feature North Carolina, that way the emails stay current and relevant making them not as suspicious to you.

Be cautious of any of these emails ask you to ‘donate’, or ‘send money somewhere’.

These last couple months everyone has been receiving their stimulus checks. They should be arriving to you through direct deposit unless you don’t have direct deposit information. If that is the case, it will be sent through the mail. If you have any concerns, you will need to contact the IRS. Government agencies will not ask for your personal information over the phone or email, so don’t open any email attachments, websites links in emails and don’t give out your personal information over the phone.

As an IT support company, we advise you to NOT click or download anything on a suspicious email.

It`s Important To Stay Vigilant About Your Security When Working From Home

Most businesses, like ourselves at Computerbilities, Inc transitioned to working from home. We have given our clients free remote agents to help with their transition as well as their security at home. Endpoint protection or security is an approach to protect computer networks that are remotely connected to client’s devices. It secures the endpoints against cyberthreats and attacks. Another recommendation would be through a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network, it works by routing your device through the VPN rather than your internet service provider that way when you work your data is transmitted to the internet it comes from the VPN.  If you’re working remotely and you’re not securing your network, you should contact your IT support.

Websites To Hyperlink Each Platform

You Can Watch This Section Of The Video: