Xcode projects are the culprit of containing malware that attacks popular search browsers such as Safari. This harmful malware, known as XCSSET, targets Mac’s software projects, making it almost impossible to trace once they have entered the software (Apple Insider, 2020).

This new and somewhat unusual infection type is making its way into the computer by disguising itself into the project, which puts the user at a massive risk for theft.  Then it potentially gathers vast amounts of user data and bypasses macOS’ security. So far, there have only been two known Xcode projects in existence, with the list of 380 IP addresses collected from the potential victims (Apple Insider 2020). With these attacks growing at such a high rate, there is a huge risk for this type of malware to become detrimental in the future.

As of now, it is unknown how exactly this malware is running out to individual computers. There is speculation that the malware is being put into XCode projects onsite where the product is being built. However, there is no initial proof of how this has been accomplished. (Apple Insider, 2020).

As a local Raleigh IT support company for business owners, we’ve noticed a common belief among many Mac users. They firmly believe that Mac OS security protections included in the platform are adequate.

This is sadly far from the truth, Malware attacks like this one can prove that Mac markets their security packages without really covering all the bases. As technology advances, so do cyberattacks, and with that, we must make sure we have added security on all devices!

We protect our clients with a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy that keeps them protected. Don’t think that the makers of specific software of OS (like Mac) are safe from malware! IT companies exist to create proper security and precautions for their businesses to follow to prevent these Malware scams.

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