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Dependability, Depth of Knowledge And Quick Response Time!

“The two biggest benefits of using Computerbilities are the quick response time and their depth of knowledge. Due to their excellent service, we have never looked elsewhere for another IT company. If you are looking for an IT firm and want dependability, depth of knowledge and quick response time, you get all these with Computerbilities.” – Debora Wetherill, Wetherill Engineering, Raleigh, NC

With Computerbilities You Get The BEST Service And Support

“Computerbilities is not the cheapest IT company in the Triangle, but you always get what you pay for, which is the BEST service and support available. I warn people to be wary of the cheapest IT company in the area who try to nickel-and-dime you or sell you on expensive equipment you don’t need. Computerbilities does neither. They make sure you get the right equipment and make the right investments for you. Additionally, they save us time and money by encouraging our network to be monitored and backed up through the cloud. I was very thankful we did when we had a cyber-attack and had to go back multiple days for cleanup. Manual tape backups are prone to human error, and now we are always notified if we have a bad backup through the cloud, and Computerbilities takes care of the situation.” – Jeff Gregorio, Williams Realty & Building Company, Raleigh, NC

They ALWAYS Respond Fast And Correct Issues Immediately

“Reliability is the biggest benefit I have found since moving to Computerbilities. Whenever we call on Adam and his team, they always respond fast and correct our issue immediately. This quick response time has been a huge plus. I feel Computerbilities has been far better than any other IT firm I have worked with because of the strong communication we have experienced. They have applied their knowledge and professional expertise in helping us to choose whatever option is best for Allied Fire Protection, Inc., in a way that is very easy to understand. This allows us to confidently make sound decisions on whichever option is best for our specific needs. If you are unsure about Computerbilities, you can be sure they provide value to their clients. Whenever we need assistance, they have always responded promptly, properly diagnosed the issue and assisted us with choosing the most appropriate solution.” – J. D. Locklear, Jr., Allied Fire Protection, Raleigh, NC

Excellent Service And Attentiveness To My Account

“I want to thank Computerbilities for your excellent service and attentiveness to my account. When needed, they always respond with a positive, helpful and professional attitude. They listen patiently, explain problems and issues in a way I can understand and successfully solve my IT problems with a specific and clear solution. Thanks to your experience, I no longer have issues with programs, search problems or hard drive repairs.” –Tony Nocito, ABCOV, New York, NY