Is your network system connected to the internet 24/7/365?  Then it is vulnerable 24/7/365!  Hackers work 24/7 to hack into your network for a variety of reasons including:

  • Gain information about your employees
  • Gain access to your network resources
  • Encrypt your data to gain RANSOME!

That’s why we protect your network 24/7/365. We have multiple layers of protection, starting with a strong network perimeter defense, including managed firewall, active network management, and periodic network inspections. We add proactive monitoring of your systems including Anti-Malware, NextGen Anti-Virus, Threat Management, DNS Filtering, and Anti-Spam Protection. This allows us to discover and eliminate threats BEFORE they impact your company!

Call us today to schedule a FREE security assessment!

At the end of this free assessment, you’ll know...
  • Is your network really and truly secured against the most devious cybercriminals? And if not, what do you need to do (at a minimum) to protect yourself now?
  • Is your data backup TRULY backing up ALL the important files and data you would never want to lose – and (more importantly) how FAST could you get your IT systems back online if hit with ransomware? We’ll reveal exactly how long it would take to restore your files (most people are shocked to learn it will take much longer than they anticipated).
  • Are your employees freely using the Internet to access gambling sites and porn, to look for other jobs and waste time shopping, or to check personal e-mail and social media sites? You know some of this is going on right now, but do you know to what extent? Are they downloading illegal files (music and video) and exposing you?
  • Are you accidentally violating any PCI, HIPAA or other data-privacy laws? New laws are being put in place frequently, and it’s easy to violate one without even being aware; however, you’d still have to suffer the bad PR and fines if a breach happens and the investigation reveals YOU didn’t take necessary precautions – and ignorance is not an acceptable excuse that will get you out of a lawsuit.
  • Are your firewall and antivirus configured properly and up-to-date? No security device is “set and forget.” It needs to be constantly monitored and updated – is yours? Is your IT company giving you the assurances that it is?
  • Are your employees storing confidential and important information on unprotected cloud apps like Dropbox that are OUTSIDE of your backup? Could they walk off the job with a list of all your clients and go work for a competitor?