Free Network Assessment Will Reveal How To Solve The 4 Biggest IT-Related Problems Facing Construction And Engineering Firms

Frustrated with CAD file Problems, losing revision in drawings, SLOWNESS and system crashes, Bentley OVERBILLING, inability to share large files via e-mail, and a host of other IT problems?

Then let us conduct a FREE Network Assessment to reveal how we can solve ALL of these problems. At the end of this assessment, you’ll know:

  • Are your current backups properly configured to allow you to recover file versions from an hour ago? A day ago? A week?
  • Are your IT systems optimized for speed, performance, and the ability to share large files quickly and easily?
  • Are your IT systems secure from data loss, ransomware, and cyber-attacks?
  • Could you utilize cheaper and more efficient cloud technologies to share files and lower IT costs?
  • Are your CAD systems set up to AVOID false license issues and surprise bills from unexpected license fees?

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They ALWAYS Respond Fast And Correct Issues Immediately

“Reliability is the biggest benefit I have found since moving to Computerbilities. Whenever we call on Adam and his team, they always respond fast and correct our issue immediately. This quick response time has been a huge plus. I feel Computerbilities has been far better than any other IT firm I have worked with because of the strong communication we have experienced. They have applied their knowledge and professional expertise in helping us to choose whatever option is best for Allied Fire Protection, Inc., in a way that is very easy to understand. This allows us to confidently make sound decisions on whichever option is best for our specific needs. If you are unsure about Computerbilities, you can be sure they provide value to their clients. Whenever we need assistance, they have always responded promptly, properly diagnosed the issue and assisted us with choosing the most appropriate solution.”

J. D. Locklear, Jr.
Allied Fire Protection
Raleigh, NC