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  • Guaranteed Excellent Communication and a 6 Minute Response Time.
  • Construction, Engineering, and Architecture Firms Have Been Our Specialty For More Than 20 Years.
  • Solve Your Large File Sharing and Email Problems
  • Find The Proper Solutions For Your CAD File Issues
  • Prevent Surprise Bills from Bentley and False License Issues from AutoCAD
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Top 9 Reasons to Choose Computerbilities

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We Have Been Servicing Construction, Engineering, and Architecture Firms for More Than 20 Years – Not many companies can say they have this level of experience in a specific field, but we can! Through our experience, we have gained insight on how to EFFECTIVELY STRATEGIZE SOLUTIONS and DIAGNOSE CURRENT ISSUES.


We Have Solutions For Your Corrupt/Overwritten CAD File Issues - Whether it’s trying to recover a critical project file that was overwritten, accidentally deleted or that has mysteriously become corrupt OR ensuring you don’t lose files altogether, this is a BIG area of concern for construction and engineering companies.

We have a unique process that allows us to restore files by the HOUR, which means you won’t lose days or weeks of work, saving you THOUSANDS of dollars in rework and missed deadlines.


We Will Solve Your Large File Sharing and Email Problems – How many times have you tried to e-mail a file only to have your e-mail freeze up, crash and stop working? Or have e-mail stop working altogether because your mailbox is full? Or how often do remote workers find themselves frustrated, unable to access critical drawings and files?

These are all 100% FIXABLE and AVOIDABLE, yet most IT firms simply don’t implement solutions that prevent these things from happening.


We Will Help Prevent Surprise Bills from Bentley and False License Issues from AutoCAD – While using Bentley Systems, it’s not uncommon to get a SURPRISE BILL FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS at the end of the month for unexpected license fees. In AutoCAD, it’s those troublesome “Your license is invalid” or “License Manager is not functioning properly” errors. Regardless, this is just another easily preventable issue. We have a process for both systems to eliminate both problems.


We Guarantee Excellent Communication and Response Time – Computerbilities has a deep bench of 5 consultants and growing, so no need to have to wait on someone for support as you do with smaller IT firms. We also answer all support calls live and have an average response time of 92 seconds between when you report a problem and when a technician is working to resolve it. We also offer after-hours and weekend support since most business owners work outside the normal “9 to 5” workday.


We Guarantee A 6 Minute Response Time – Before we even get started, we take the time to listen to the issues our new client has had in the past. We collaborate with your team and brainstorm to find the right solution for you. Once we have completed our on-boarding process, we tackle the issue at hand and one by one implement the solutions we have agreed upon.


We Give You Clear, Jargon-Free Solutions – At Computerbilities, we respect you and understand that you may not be a techno-geek. That’s why we clearly explain the issues and the solutions without using all the jargon – often used to confuse you or make you feel stupid to sell you what you may not need by other IT companies.


We Demonstrate Professionalism with a personal touch – When you sign up with Computerbilities, you are not getting a vendor; you are getting a partner. We are sensitive to your bottom line and always strive to give our clients the best value they could possibly get.


We Offer A 24 Hour Help Desk Service – Get a secure network with little or no downtime. At Computerbilities, we monitor your network 24x7x365 for up time and predictive failure so that we can repair the problem BEFORE it affects your workforce!

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT

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Data Distaster Back-up and Recovery

Data Disaster
Back-up and Recovery

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Let us help you keep your data safe from harm.

Business Class VoIP Solutions

Business Class
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Dependability, Depth of Knowledge, and Quick Response Time

The two biggest benefits for using Computerbilities are the quick response time and their depth of knowledge. Due to their excellent service, we have never looked elsewhere for another IT company. If you are looking for an IT firm and want dependability, depth of knowledge, and quick response time, you get all of these with Computerbilities.

Debora Wetherill President
Wetherill Engineering

With Computerbilities You Get What You Pay For

Computerbilities is not the cheapest IT company in the Triangle, but you always get what you pay for and with Computerbilities you get the best.  I warn people to be wary of the cheapest IT company in the area, they try to nickel and dime or sell you on equipment. Computerbilities does neither.  Computerbilities does not make much of selling computer equipment but does want to make sure you get the right equipment. Additionally, they have saved us time and money by encouraging our network to be monitored and backed up through the cloud. I was very thankful we did when we had a cyber-attack and had to go back multiple days for clean-up. Manual tape backups are prone to human error, and now we are always notified if we have a bad back up through the cloud and Computerbilities takes care of the situation.

Jeff Gregorio CFO
Williams Realty & Building

Reliability and Strong Communication

Reliability is the biggest benefit I have found since moving to Computerbilities. Whenever we call on Adam Pittman and his team, they always respond, and correct our issue immediately; the quick response time is a huge plus. Computerbilities is far better than any other IT firm I have worked with because of their strong communication. They always apply their knowledge and professional expertise in helping us to choose whatever option is best for Allied Fire Protection, Inc. in a way that is very easy to understand.  This allows us to confidently make sound decisions on whichever option is best for our specific needs. If you are unsure about Computerbilities you can be sure they provide value to their clients. Whenever we need assistance, they always respond promptly, properly diagnose the issue, and assist us with choosing the most appropriate solution.

J.D. Locklear, JR. President
Allied Fire Protection

Confidence and Expertise

The biggest benefit Computerbilities has brought to my company is the confidence and expertise they provide. They are much more personal and professional than other companies I have worked with in the past. You cannot go wrong with choosing Computerbilities!

Lisa Evans Lisa Evans Chief Financial Officer
Dewitt Real Estate Services

Computerbilities: trusted computer support for businesses throughout Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill – Let us help you today!

Maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or maybe you are just running short on time because of your expanding business and need to hand over the reins of some services to someone else. Whatever your reason, we can help you with quality IT services today.

Your business can save money and time today with Computerbilities’s managed services, network solutions,

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