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IT Support For Construction, Engineering, And Architecture Businesses in NC

  • Guaranteed Excellent Communication and a 6 Minute Response Time.
  • Construction, Engineering, and Architecture Firms Have Been Our Specialty For More Than 25 Years.
  • Solve Your Large File Sharing and Email Problems
  • Find The Proper Solutions For Your CAD File Issues
  • Prevent Surprise Bills from Bentley and False License Issues from AutoCAD
  • Plus, Trust In A Company That Has Dozens Of 5 Star Google Reviews


IT Support Company For NC Businesses

As one of the longest IT support companies in the triangle area, we take pride in our extensive IT expertise and customer service. There are many other companies to choose from for IT support in Raleigh, but we believe that we are more dependable, have stronger communication and tailored solutions, and possess more in-depth knowledge than the rest of the IT support firms. Not only are we a Raleigh IT support company that has been around for more than 25 years, but we also specialize in the contracting company niche that most NC IT support companies cannot say that they do!
Dependable IT Support and solutions in North Carolina (NC).


Consistently depend on our customized IT support solutions in North Carolina (NC). We will always follow up and can be depended on!

Depth knowledge in IT support for small & medium NC businesses.

Depth Of Knowledge

Having over 25 years of working as a NC IT support company gives us more knowledge and experience than our competitors in this Triangle areas.

Tailored IT Solutions for NC Businesses.

Tailored Solutions

With our very niche business clientele, the contracting industry allows us to do research and find only the best solutions for their IT support in NC.

Strong Communication to handle client's IT Support.


We put communication first with our IT support clients in North Carolina (NC) Triangle Areas! Communication is the key in our IT Solutions business!

Our Managed IT Services & Solutions

When looking for an IT solutions provider, one must ensure that the IT company has a well-rounded knowledge of all network needs and IT solutions. We believe that we are an experienced IT company with the expertise to give companies a reliable IT network. As an IT solutions company, our job is to always keep our clients up to date on the latest technology and trends. Rest assured that companies tend to grow and prosper with our technology solutions without dedicating a significant amount of time to fix simple IT issues in their organization. With our customized IT solutions, your company will be safe and functional.

Network monitoring IT support & Solutions

Network Monitoring

Consistent monitoring is needed for every small to medium-sized business in today's environment. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring of systems and devices.

Remote Computer IT support & Solutions

Remote Computer Support

Computerbilities can assist someone needing technical assistance remotely as soon as in a matter of seconds. This modern age solution provides companies practicality and timeliness when they need help with their technical problems.

Data backup IT support & Solutions

Data Back-up

Backing up data and a dedicated disaster plan is vital for every business. We can provide you with consistent backups and tools/plans for disaster recovery.

Cloud Computing IT support & Solutions

Cloud Computing

The cloud solution structures have become a practical alternative to the traditional server structure. We service companies with both solutions, but we find that more businesses are opting to move to a cloud structure every day.

MDM IT support & Solutions

Mobile Device Management

We can secure and provide support for mobile devices; this applies to mobile phones and tablets owned by the company. Computerbilities can your most reliable partner for mobile device management services in NC Triangle Areas.

Cyber Security IT support & Solutions

Cyber Security

Security is a large portion of our business in North Carolina (NC), especially when it comes to cyber security. We give any businesses peace of mind that they are secure, and their data is safe and sound 24*7 of the year.

Read What Our Clients Have To Say About Our IT Support And Solutions

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Why Choose Computerbilities
For IT Support?

As an IT firm that specializes in working with the contracting industry, we can proudly say that we are technology experts for the contracting industry. Also, if you search "IT support near me" while in Raleigh, you will see we have been around longer than most of our competition, and we have dozens of happy clients to show for it.

9 Reason To Choose Computerbilities For Managed IT Services


We Have Been Servicing Construction, Engineering, and Architecture Firms for More Than 20 Years
Not many companies can say they have this level of experience in a specific field, but we can! Through our experience, we have gained insight on how to EFFECTIVELY STRATEGIZE SOLUTIONS and DIAGNOSE CURRENT ISSUES.
We Have Solutions For Your Corrupt/Overwritten CAD File Issues
Whether it’s trying to recover a critical project file that was overwritten, accidentally deleted or that has mysteriously become corrupt OR ensuring you don’t lose files altogether, this is a BIG area of concern for construction and engineering companies. We have a unique process that allows us to restore files by the HOUR, which means you won’t lose days or weeks of work, saving you THOUSANDS of dollars in rework and missed deadlines.


We Will Solve Your Large File Sharing and Email Problems 
How many times have you tried to e-mail a file only to have your e-mail freeze up, crash and stop working? Or have e-mail stop working altogether because your mailbox is full? Or how often do remote workers find themselves frustrated, unable to access critical drawings and files? These are all 100% FIXABLE and AVOIDABLE, yet most IT firms simply don’t implement solutions that prevent these things from happening.


We Will Help Prevent Surprise Bills from Bentley and False License Issues from AutoCAD 
While using Bentley Systems, it’s not uncommon to get a SURPRISE BILL FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS at the end of the month for unexpected license fees. In AutoCAD, it’s those troublesome “Your license is invalid” or “License Manager is not functioning properly” errors. Regardless, this is just another easily preventable issue. We have a process for both systems to eliminate both problems.


We Guarantee Excellent Communication and Response Time
Computerbilities has a deep bench of 5 consultants and growing, so no need to have to wait on someone for support as you do with smaller IT firms. We also answer all support calls live and have an average response time of 92 seconds between when you report a problem and when a technician is working to resolve it. We also offer after-hours and weekend support since most business owners work outside the normal “9 to 5” workday.


We Guarantee A 6 Minute Response Time 
Before we even get started, we take the time to listen to the issues our new client has had in the past. We collaborate with your team and brainstorm to find the right solution for you. Once we have completed our on-boarding process, we tackle the issue at hand and one by one implement the solutions we have agreed upon.


We Give You Clear, Jargon-Free Solutions 
At Computerbilities, we respect you and understand that you may not be a techno-geek. That’s why we clearly explain the issues and the solutions without using all the jargon – often used to confuse you or make you feel stupid to sell you what you may not need by other IT companies.


We Demonstrate Professionalism with a personal touch 
When you sign up with Computerbilities, you are not getting a vendor; you are getting a partner. We are sensitive to your bottom line and always strive to give our clients the best value they could possibly get.


We Offer A 24 Hour Help Desk Service 
Get a secure network with little or no downtime. At Computerbilities, we monitor your network 24x7x365 for up time and predictive failure so that we can repair the problem BEFORE it affects your workforce!

Industries To Whom We Provide IT Solutions

All of the industries below fall under our specialized contracting niche. We are the go-to IT support consultant for construction, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and all other companies that belong to the contracting category. When searching for small business IT support, it is essential to choose a company that has already worked with similar companies to yours. We have dozens of happy clients in the following fields.

IT support solution for contruction industry in NC.


The construction industry relies heavily on technology and profits if their technology is running properly. We take pride in being the only IT firm in the NC Triangle area specializing in the construction/contracting industry.

IT support solution for Engineering industry in NC.


We assist engineering businesses, the complexity of engineering calls for complex technology. We are an IT firm that has mastered IT solutions for engineering, finding them the best way to share files and prevent overwriting.

IT Support solutions For Achitecture industry in NC


Technology is essential for architecture companies to thrive truly. We are an IT firm that provides these businesses with customized and accessible IT support & solutions in North Carolina (NC) Triangle areas.

IT Support solutions For Manufacturing industry in NC


The upbeat and fast environment of manufacturing businesses calls for technology that matches this structure. The IT support & solutions that we provide these businesses allows them to profit and thrive in their environment.


Projects Completed




Experienced Staff


Established Awards

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Years of

Areas We Serve

  • Wake Forest NC: We provide IT support and solutions to small-medium-sized businesses to Wake Forest, NC, and the surrounding areas.
  • Holly Springs NC: Holly Spring NC businesses is an area that we at Computerbilities provide IT support and IT solutions to.
  • Apex NC: Another area that we provide IT services and IT service to is Apex, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.
  • Chapel Hills NC: We here at Computerbilities take pride in providing IT solutions and IT support to Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas.
  • Cary NC: Our main office is in the Cary NC area, in which we provide exceptional IT support and solutions for this area.
  • Durham NC: Durham NC is a large area where we service small to medium-sized businesses with reliable IT support and IT solutions.
  • Raleigh NC: The largest area that we provide IT services and support to is Raleigh, NC. We take pride in servicing small to medium-sized businesses in these areas.
  • Morrisville, NC: Are you looking for IT support & solution for your Morrisville business? Our IT support expert always ready to provide you the best solution for your small and medium level business.

Not Ready To Call Us Just Yet For IT Consulting?

  • If so, we would at least like to send you a copy of our recently published report, “21 Critical Questions Every Engineering Or Construction Company Should Ask Their IT Company Before Signing A Contract For Support”.

  • This report will arm you with insider information and critical questions you should ask any IT consultant BEFORE giving them access to your computer network.

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IT Support & Solutions FAQs

The cost of hardware and software is not covered under any of our plans. But we can purchase the hardware and software for you at a reasonable rate.

The costs of the hardware and software are NOT included in our tier one plan. However, we will act on your behalf to research, recommend, and purchase new hardware and software at no additional cost if you are our tier two level clients; it is covered.

Computerbilities was incorporated in December of 1995 and started with its first client in January 1996. Since then, we have helped countless companies save money on IT and significantly decrease downtime. We are proud to say we still have our first IT Managed Services client.

We provide IT support to businesses within a 40-mile radius of our office in Cary, NC.

No, we do not charge our signed clients any extra to come onsite.

Computerbilities is not the cheapest IT provider in the area, but we are the best. When making a decision, we hope our clients understand that our level of service, time invested, and relationships with our clients far surpass that of our competitors.

Yes, our phones are always answered live during business hours. In addition, if you have an emergency, our clients also receive all technician’s cell phone numbers.

When submitting a ticket through our ticketing system you will receive a response immediately. We guarantee a 1-hour response time to all technical problems and a 6 minute for our platinum level IT services clients.

We guarantee our work 100% or you don’t pay – Before we even get started, we take the time to listen to any issues you’ve had in the past. We collaborate with your team and brainstorm to find the right solution for you. Once we have completed our on-boarding process, we tackle the issue at hand and one-by-one implement the solutions we have agreed upon.

Yes, we do for our clients! We will communicate with any technology-related service used, just let us know first.

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