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Managed IT Services in Wake Forest NC

Top rated managed IT services.

IT SERVICES in Wake Forest

IT services are part of the necessities any organization needs to have in running a successful business in this century. Whether you are offering a tech-related company or not, you need professional IT services in your team. Our services include IT network monitoring, technical support, remote computer support, VoIP telephone services, cloud computing, cybersecurity, IT help desk, data backup & disaster recovery services, and managed IT services. All these services are needed for smooth business operations.

We provide the best managed IT services in Wake Forest NC. If you are a construction, engineering and
architecture firm, then feel free to contact us.


For over twenty years, Computerbilities has managed and assumed responsibilities of more than 2000 businesses and 100 different industries for providing IT services to more than 2000 enterprises in more than 100 various sectors, including companies such as Boeing, General Dynamics, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. There are several benefits businesses benefit from our services, and they include reducing infrastructure expenses, reducing server and network downtime, and many more.


Do you need a managed IT solution in Wake Forest for your business? It is challenging to maintain a functional in-house IT department and still focus on the business goals, especially for small businesses that do not have as many resources for an IT department. Computerbilities helps firms to handle their IT needs while they channel their energies to fulfilling business goals. Besides, IT issues can disrupt your business productivity and stall projects. Unfortunately, the time spent struggling to solve IT problems is money down the drain. Let us help you handle minimize downtime, and save money- it is what we do.

Technical Support in Wake Forest

Our technical support specialists help local businesses in Wake Forest to manage, maintain, and do tech support 24/7 365 without going overboard with your company’s budget. Our responsibilities include diagnosing and repairing faults, resolving network issues, and installing and configuring hardware and software. With us on your team, you don’t have to worry about downtime, or looking for the right tools to fix technical glitches while your productivity suffers.

IT Network Monitoring in Wake Forest

At Computerbilities, we provide quality IT support and monitoring for small and big establishments in Wake Forest, NC. We deliver ideal solutions for businesses that want to maintain a careful watch over their system, stay ahead of potential glitches, and choose what protection your company needs. Our network monitoring service runs 24/7 all year round.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services in Wake Forest

Some of the benefits your business gets from our data backup and disaster recovery services is the reduction of service outages, hardware failure, and cyber attacks. Our professional engineers can backup data and computer systems with the ability to restore data and systems as quickly as possible with minimal loss of data. You don’t have to lose important files or slow down productivity.

24*7 and 365 days managed IT services.

Remote Computer Support in Wake Forest

Hiring an independent, managed IT services provider means you don’t have to leave the business to fix your computer. With Computerbilities, you can access your PC from anyplace and anytime; all you need is an internet connection. Some other benefits you get from our IT services include cost-savings, fast repairs, security, support from various platforms, etc. so, why not Computerbilities? It is fast, secure, and affordable.

Cloud Computing in Wake Forest

We help companies in Wake Forest solve technical issues most businesses face today, from email to communications, to a full-scale hosted infrastructure- Computerbilities has got you covered. It is easy to lose sight of what is important when you try to be everywhere and do everything simultaneously. However, Computerbilities help you stay focused on growing your business while we manage your IT services for you.

Mobile Device Management in Wake Forest

The use of mobile devices in our businesses is inevitable especially when you want to thrive to be the best in your field. However, every ease of operations comes with a price; it can lead to the vulnerability of systems. Nonetheless, our mobile device management service helps businesses with tight security used by our engineers to monitor, manage, and secure our customers’ employees’ mobile devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

25 Years of experience in managed IT services.

VoIP Telephone Services in Wake Forest

Computerbilities’ VoIP service has the best technology to send and receive phone calls over an IP network. Our VoIP easily enables local businesses with and around Wake Forest to make and receive calls on laptops or cell phones. With our cutting-edge technology and affordable IT service, you don’t have to miss calls from your clients anymore.

IT Help Desk in Wake Forest

When it comes to offering IT help desk service, no one does it better than us. Our team of specialists can help you troubleshoot and diagnose problems. We’ve worked with companies’ PCs and Macs hardware and software with over 20 years of network repairs and analysis, plus good customer service skills. We communicate effectively to help customers fix their technical issues and feel satisfied with the experience. You don’t have to take our word for it; we have worked with more than 2000 businesses in more than 100 industries, and they are more than happy to vouch for us.

Cyber Security in Wake Forest

Are you looking for a security specialist to protect and update your company’s security systems? Computerbilities can give you all your business needs and more. Our security specialists develop new layers of protection and update the security systems. Also, we set up the business system and grant permissions and privileges to authorized users, which makes hackers or authorized users gain access to the system. We run diagnostics on any changes in the information to verify any detected breaches.

Managed IT Services in Wake Forest

Whether you own a big or large business, the fact is having an independent managed IT service will save you a lot of money; you will have a consistent monthly cost, immediate access to professional IT engineers, and you won’t need to spend a large sum of your budget setting up infrastructure. The advantages of Managed IT services may be what you need to take your business to the next level.

Local Managed IT Service Provider in Wake Forest


We have been serving businesses in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill NC, and beyond and our customers are satisfied with our services. With over twenty years of providing uninterrupted IT services to local businesses in North Carolina, it has been from one success story to another. We served construction, engineering, and architecture firms, and we are proud to say that no other managed IT service company does it better than Computerbilities


Outsourcing managed IT services is one thing, getting the right IT service provider is a different ballgame. You need a qualified, and experienced IT services provider to enjoy the full benefits of having an independent managed IT service provider in your team. Computerbilities is a qualified and experienced IT service provider; we are everything you need to get your business to the next level.


Small businesses in Wake Forest deserve can now enjoy the benefits of having a professional managed IT service provider. Computerbilities is professional, dedicated, and affordable; we take care of IT issues so that small businesses can focus on the company’s core goal. What are you waiting for? Stop spending more on services when you can enjoy high-quality IT services for a far lesser price.


You don’t have to hire a full in-house IT team. Besides, hiring people and getting the right tools to set your IT department can put a strain on your budget, thereby reducing your business’ productivity. Computerbilities is here to help local businesses in Wake Forest managed IT services with a competent team for a fraction of the cost for an in-house team.

VoIP Telephone Services in Wake Forest

Computerbilities’ VoIP service has the best technology to send and receive phone calls over an IP network. Our VoIP easily enables local businesses with and around Wake Forest to make and receive calls on laptops or cell phones. With our cutting-edge technology and affordable IT service, you don’t have to miss calls from your clients anymore.

Managed IT Service Provider With Great Reviews

As a qualified and experienced IT services provider for more than twenty years, our satisfied customers all over Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and beyond have testified about our services- more than 2000 reviews cannot be wrong. Our team of specialists has worked tirelessly with architecture, construction, and engineering firms. No matter where your business is in North Carolina, whether big or small, Computerbilities will meet your IT needs.

Reliability is the biggest benefit I have found since moving to Computerbilities. Whenever we call on Adam Pittman and his team, they always respond, and correct our issue immediately; the quick response time is a huge plus. Computerbilities is far better than any other IT firm I have worked with because of their strong communication. They always apply their knowledge and professional expertise in helping us to choose whatever option is best for Allied Fire Protection, Inc. in a way that is very easy to understand.  This allows us to confidently make sound decisions on whichever option is best for our specific needs. If you are unsure about Computerbilities you can be sure they provide value to their clients. Whenever we need assistance, they always respond promptly, properly diagnose the issue, and assist us with choosing the most appropriate solution.

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