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Best SEO Company For North Carolina (NC) Businesses

Are you a North Carolina business looking for an SEO expert to boost your brand awareness and increase website traffic? Congratulations! Computerbilities is where your SEO journey begins. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is unarguably one of the most viable yet cost-effective ways to put your brand in front of the right audience and take your business to a higher level. With over a decade of experience providing foolproof SEO solutions that help propel businesses to success, Computerbilities is the name to trust throughout your SEO journey.

SEO company bring more organic traffic

Organic Traffic

We help your business rank on search engines and generate quality organic traffic that becomes buying customers. With organic traffic, you can rest assured that your website will get regular visitors and engagement without costing any extra fees.

Increase CTR

With your website optimized and loaded with helpful content, customers are more likely to click on your offers and move further down the sales funnel. Effective SEO increases your CTR (click-through rate), indicating that your content is relevant to your audience, and they're interested in your offers.

SEO company can be able to increase your website domain authority (DA)

Increase DA

Our SEO techniques guarantee an increase in your DA (domain authority) over time, helping your site perform better and rank higher on search engines. A higher DA means you're ahead of your competitors and will generate more organic traffic for your company.

SEO company can provide you genuine leads through search engine

Genuine Leads

Having genuine leads means communicating your business offers with the right audience and tailoring your products or services to their needs. We generate genuine leads for your business with a high chance of becoming buying customers, thus helping your business grow and expand continuously.

Our SEO Consultant Can Drive Customers To Your NC Business

With over five billion internet users, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd when you need to target the right audience. Our SEO consultant in NC knows all the tips and tricks of targeting the ideal audience for every business, which is why we’re able to drive customers to your NC business. We’re your ideal SEO firm NC with a track record of reliability and quality performance. Our services include:

Pioneer in SEO Audit

We're a pioneer in SEO audit, which helps us analyze and measure how well your website and SEO practices are related to best practices. The best practices generate the best results and rank higher. That's why we mirror your website's performance with the best practices to ensure you do not miss any crucial step.

Our SEO consultant do quality keywords research

Keywords Research

Our thorough keyword research process guarantees that your site uses and focuses on the keywords your potential customers are already searching. With keyword research, you will also understand your customers' needs and offer your unique solution, thus driving more traffic and generating higher revenue.

Our SEO consultant spearhead in doing competitors analysis

Competitors Analysis

We regularly analyze your competitors' performance and inform you of changes in their rankings, visibility, and other vital metrics. This information helps you position your brand ahead of your competition and outshine them.

Our SEO expert do modern on page seo as per Google strandars

On-Page SEO

With our deep knowledge of on-page SEO, we will optimize every part of your website to enable search engines to find your website and its content relevant to searches in your niche.

Our SEO experts are best in off page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Build your website's domain authority, boost exposure, and drive quality traffic to your website using off-page SEO. We ensure that all activities happening outside your website work to generate more quality leads for your business.

Our SEO specialist are too good in quality link building

Link Building

We build links back to your site from quality websites that your potential customers are already browsing. Link building tells the search engine that other authority websites see your website as valuable and relevant, thus increasing your rankings.

Our SEO specialist offers guaranteed SEO result

Guaranteed Result

We have over a decade of experience helping businesses across various industries achieve tremendous success with SEO marketing. We bring you more organic traffic and leads through proven SEO strategies and tactics.

We provide monthly SEO report

Monthly Report

We provide detailed monthly ranking and performance reports showing how much traffic you're generating from your SEO investment. Our reports include the next set of SEO actions we will take to help you achieve your online goals.

Best SEO Services For NC Businesses

We provide the best and most reliable SEO services for NC businesses at an affordable price. We understand that our success as SEO specialists depends on the success of your business. That’s why we put our all into ensuring you achieve your online goals and generate quality traffic with your SEO investment.

Best local SEO services in NC

Local SEO

If you're a local business, we can generate local traffic for your brand and increase your local awareness. Our SEO techniques allow you to connect with your targeted neighborhood, town, or city and generate organic traffic, increasing sales.

Google SEO

Leading Google SEO services in NC

We know all the strategies to get targeted traffic from Google for your brand. From optimizing tags and meta tags to building vital backlinks, we are your trusted SEO specialist for boosting your online visibility and traffic.

Top class wordpress SEO services in NC

WordPress SEO

If your website is built on WordPress, we can help you structure and manage it in the light of SEO. We will optimize your images, create effective permalinks, use keywords constructively and do all that's necessary to genuinely drive organic traffic to your brand.

Quality technical SEO services in NC

Technical SEO

Technical issues like site speed, responsiveness, SSL, and others can make or mar your website even when you have the best content. Computerbilities has the technical knowledge to make technical SEO work for you and keep your online presence soaring high.

Why Computerbilities For SEO Marketing?

When choosing an SEO specialist for your SEO marketing, it’s essential to look at the history and reliability of the company. Computerbilities has a history of reliability and excellent SEO results for businesses, and that’s why we are the ideal brand to trust for your SEO solutions. We help you:

Increase Business Exposure 
We put your business in front of potential customers and help you gain more organic exposure. With more potential clients knowing about your products and services, your chances of recording huge sales increase. With more sales comes greater revenue, making wide exposure a critical part of success in every business.

Grow Customer Base
Your potential customers are all over the internet searching for relevant solutions for their needs. With effective SEO marketing, we help you target these individuals or groups and showcase your offer. The more leads we get for your business, the larger your customer base.

Increase Revenue
There’s no doubt that effective SEO marketing generates quality traffic and leads that become buying customers. We target the right audience and drive quality traffic for your brand, thus increasing your customers. With more customers, your business will record more sales and increase revenue.

Generate The Best ROI
Every penny you spend on SEO brings a huge and continuous return. The leads you generate remain your customers and continue to patronize your business. And when you have a new offer, you can easily announce it to existing customers without incurring any extra fees, helping you generate the best ROI on your marketing. 

Rank Higher Than Your Competitors 
Our specialists have all the tools to analyze your competitors’ performance and course of action. Doing this helps you identify your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths and position your business to be better, thus helping you rank higher.

Create Effective Sales Funnels
We have vast knowledge and experience creating effective sales funnels that maps out the customers’ journey from being prospects to brand loyalists. Every step of the full is well-planned with special actions that prospects should take until they become your customers.

Clear Brand Messaging
If your customers don’t know what your brand stands for, they’re less likely to trust you or do business with you. We give your business a clear voice and present a clear brand message to your audience, making them understand your offers, operations, and other necessary information. With this knowledge, they can trust your brand more and will be willing to listen to your solutions.

Search Engine Domination
We help you grow new customer acquisition and boost sales by dominating Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Your business will occupy multiple positions on the first page (Paid, Organic, Maps), making you dominate the search engine and increasing the traffic to your website.

Industry We Serve As an SEO Consultant

SEO consulting services for construction industry


We help businesses in the construction industry rank their websites and attract organic traffic from search engines. We streamline our strategy to enable prospects to find your business first while searching for the ideal company for their construction project.

SEO consulting services for legal industry


If you're a legal practitioner or a law firm, Computerbilities has the experience and expertise to connect you with prospects looking for your service. We are the SEO agency you can trust, as we are result-oriented and provide the best SEO services.


Whether you're manufacturing an already existing product, or you want to introduce a new product to the market, effective SEO marketing can boost your awareness and drive traffic. We help businesses in the manufacturing industry generate organic traffic that guarantees regular demand for their products.


Businesses in the architecture industry can greatly benefit from our SEO services as we help you stand out from your competitors and rank above them in search engines. We're your ideal SEO consultant that can bring prospects to your business and boost your revenue.


The engineering industry has become highly competitive today. Smart engineering firms are thinking outside the box and hiring an SEO consultant like Computerbilities to reach out to their target clients, thus increasing patronage and profit.


Accounting firms can reach out to potential clients and provide tailored services by implementing SEO marketing. We help you discover what your prospects are looking for and provide insightful content around their needs while outlining your solutions.

Our Clientele
Our clientele includes businesses in North Carolina and other parts of the United States of America.

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Years of

Areas we Serve

  • Wake Forest, NC: we serve Wake Forest and its environs, helping businesses reach potential customers and increase sales via effective SEO marketing.
  • Holly Spring, NC: we serve Holly Springs and its environs, helping businesses reach potential customers and increase sales via effective SEO marketing.
  • Apex, NC: we serve Apex and its environs, boosting brand awareness and helping businesses reach more customers via effective SEO marketing, thus increasing sales.
  • Chapel Hills, NC: we serve Holly Chapel Hills and its environs, boosting brand awareness and helping businesses reach more customers via effective SEO marketing, thus increasing sales.
  • Cary, NC: we serve Cary and its environs, helping businesses reach potential customers and increase sales via effective SEO marketing.
  • Durham, NC: we serve Durham and its environs, helping businesses reach potential customers and increase sales via effective SEO marketing.
  • Raleigh, NC: we serve Raleigh and its environs, boosting brand awareness and helping businesses reach more customers via effective SEO marketing, thus increasing sales.
  • Morrisville, NC: we serve Morrisville and its environs, boosting brand awareness and helping businesses reach more customers via effective SEO marketing, thus increasing sales.
  • New York City: we serve New York City and boost brand awareness, helping businesses reach more customers via effective SEO marketing and enhancing sales.


What is SEO, and how does it work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to a set of techniques and strategies used to boost a website’s rank in search engines’ search results. Search engines consider a long list of factors in determining what websites should appear first for specific keywords. Some of these factors include backlinks, keyword usage, page load speed, etc.

How SEO marketing drags more customers to your website?

When online users search for specific information, products, or services and your website has optimized content around the subject; they’re likely to click on your link and check it out. Thus, your SEO implementation has helped put your business before potential customers, dragging them to your page while trying to find answers to their searches.

What is SEO Strategy?

An SEO strategy is all about organizing your website’s content by topic so as to improve your chances of ranking in search results. It is that process that increases your chances of gaining organic traffic from search engines.

Why is SEO marketing the best practice for NC businesses?

From building trust and integrity to providing satisfactory solutions, SEO marketing is undoubtedly the best practice for NC businesses. Interestingly, SEO marketing has the highest ROI, which is another reason it’s the best practice.

How much is a Google ranking worth?

The value of ranking #1 on Google is around $3,960 monthly and $47,520 annually. This makes SEO marketing the best and most cost-effective way to promote your business, as it doesn’t come anywhere near the cost of pushing your business to the top by relying on ads.

Is SEO able to provide 10X traffic to my business?

Yes. When you work with an expert SEO consultant like Computabilities, you can expect massive results from your SEO campaign. Results show that the average SEO campaign generates over 1000 per cent more traffic than other campaigns like social media campaigns.

What is the difference between white hat and black hat SEO?

White hat SEO entails searching for ways to improve user experience and rightfully earn organic traffic. Black hat SEO, on the other hand, relies on manipulating Google’s algorithm to boost rankings. We deploy white hat SEO in all our operations and help you gain long-standing authority on search engines.

Should I invest my marketing budget in SEO?

SEO investment is the best and most effective marketing investment you can make for your company. It’s cost-friendly and yields maximum results better than any other marketing strategy. Thus, investing your marketing budget in SEO is the right way to promote your business.

How can SEO help grow your company?

SEO brings you organic traffic and leads from search engines and increases your awareness. The advantage of such traffic is that the prospects are already in need of your products or services, and all you have to do is position your business to appear in their search. And when you appear, they’d be more likely to click, look up, and purchase your offers, thus helping your business grow.
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