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Custom Web Development Company in North Carolina

Looking for the best web development company in North Carolina? Computerbilities is the digital platform with the website development solutions you need to take your business to the next level. We have experienced and innovative professionals dedicated to creating custom websites that are user-friendly, mobile responsive, and visually appealing. Our skilled website developers deploy state-of-the-art technologies in designing a functional and result-oriented platform to help your business connect with customers and grow.


From interface design to user experience (UX), we take a creative approach to every project, helping us achieve impressive and result-oriented website designs. Our professional web developers provide innovative solutions to help your business stand out.

Web design and development key approach

Key Approach

We believe every business is unique, and so should the elements that make up its website. Our key approach encompasses planning, surveying, and consulting to understand your business's needs and develop a digital platform that fits.

Incorporating user interest in website design & development

User Interest

Every good website must connect with its users in a way that resonates with them to achieve its underlying objectives. We incorporate the best UI/UX practices to build websites that customers enjoy using and want to do business with.

We have skilled team for website design & development

Skilled Team

We bring together the best web developers in the industry to build beautiful and well-crafted websites, giving your business the online visibility it deserves. Our skilled professionals are highly qualified and possess a vast experience in their respective fields of expertise.

Our Web Development Services For NC Businesses

If you’re a North Carolina business, Computabilities offers unmatched web development solutions that meet your requirements and generate your desired results. Our services are designed at affordable rates while maintaining top-quality delivery in the least time possible. So whether you need a new website or you want to redesign your current digital platform, we will bring our experience and expertise to help you create your dream website.

Our web development services in NC include

Custom Website Development

Whatever your unique requirements are, we can create a tailor-made website to meet them and give your business a one-of-a-kind feel. With a custom website, you can generate maximum return on investment (ROI) for your business while being able to tackle your evolving business needs effectively.

Responsive website design & development in NC

Responsive Website Development

Our responsive web development service offers your customers an optimized browsing experience regardless of the device they're using. Our websites are designed to flow across various mobile and computer screens while looking organized and visually appealing.

Wordpress website design & development in NC

WordPress Website Development

Our web development specialists build reliable and scalable WordPress websites that make managing your web platform a breeze. With our range of WordPress services, such as custom theme development, plugin customization, etc., we help you unlock the platform's full potential to achieve your business goals.

Creative website design & development in NC

Creative Website Development

We offer creative web solutions that contribute to your brand value and fulfill your business needs. Our skilled professionals apply cutting-edge technology to achieve maximum results and take your business miles ahead of your competition.

Computerbilities's Website Development Process

Best strategy for website design & development in NC


The strategy phase involves collecting all the necessary details for the project and coming up with a detailed website plan. We develop a site map listing all the main topic and sub-topic areas of the website and the type of content it will hold.

Quality website design for NC businesses


Here the website takes shape as we design the visual elements such as the images, logo, photos, and videos. Specific design decisions are also made, such as brand colors and fonts, while keeping the target audience in mind.

Reliable website development for NC businesses


Once the client is satisfied with the design, our team of highly experienced developers springs into action to bring the design to life using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other necessary tools.

We validate and test your website

Validate & Test

Upon completion, we proceed to test and validate the functionality of the website. Out test typically involves checking the links, animations, forms, buttons, responsiveness across different screens, and every other necessary feature.

Let’s launch your NC business website


When all the website's features are proven to be functional, and the client is satisfied, we then launch the website. At this point, your customers can find your business and connect with you as your platform is now live.

We provide quality maintenance for your NC business website


As you operate your website and introduce new features or include new content, it's important to conduct regular site maintenance. We help you maintain your web platform to ensure optimal usability and discoverability, so you can derive maximum return from your investment.

Why We are a Reliable Web Development Company in NC?

We are a team of skilled and experienced web developers dedicated to creating result-oriented websites for businesses in NC. Our track record of success and positive reputation make us one of the most reliable web development firms in NC.

Creative Design For your end users
With our creative web solutions, we help you attract and retain more customers while giving the right impression about your brand.

Choose the right frame for your business.
With tons of web development tools available, it can be difficult for non-specialists to know the right frame for their business. Our team of experts will choose the right frame for your business based on your needs and design an eye-catching web platform for your brand.

Bring website branding to the next level.
We take your website branding to a higher level by incorporating all the features that attract and keep users on your platform much longer, thereby increasing your chances of getting more sales and boosting revenue.

Quality user interface and experiences
A smooth and beautiful website with the right visual elements can have a significant impact on user experience. We put in the work to promote your brand image via quality user interface design and satisfactory user experience. 

Search engine friendly
Our websites are designed following the most practical SEO rules, thus helping them earn more traffic on search engines while offering value to users.

Responsive in nature
We develop websites that are compatible with all screen sizes and resolutions. Making your platform responsive will improve your visitors’ experience, make it easier to access your website from any device, and enhance your SEO Rankings.

Better ROI
Running your business with the right tools, such as an effective website, boosts your visibility and brand value. As a result, your business will record more sales, leading to a better ROI.

Our Clientele
Our clientele includes businesses in North Carolina and other parts of the United States of America.

Technology We Used For Website Develpopment for NC Businesses

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Years of

Areas we Serve

  • Wake Forest, NC: we serve Wake Forest and its environs and design websites that pique customers' interest and strengthen their trust in your brand.
  • Holly Spring, NC: we serve Holly Springs and its environs and design websites that pique customers' interest and strengthen their trust in your brand.
  • Apex, NC: we serve Apex and its environs and design websites that meet local needs and strengthen customers' trust in your brand.
  • Chapel Hills, NC: we serve Holly Chapel Hills and its environs and design websites that meet local needs and strengthen customers' trust in your brand.
  • Cary, NC: we serve Cary and its environs and design websites that pique customers' interest and strengthen their trust in your brand.
  • Durham, NC: we serve Durham and its environs and design websites that pique customers' interest and strengthen their trust in your brand.
  • Raleigh, NC: we serve Raleigh and its environs and design websites that pique customers' interest and strengthen their trust in your brand.
  • Morrisville, NC: we serve Morrisville and its environs and design websites that meet local needs and strengthen customers' trust in your brand.
  • New York City: we serve New York City and help businesses build beautiful websites to connect with customers and promote their products or services via the most effective marketing channel.

Web development FAQs

Do I need a website for my business?

A website is a powerful marketing tool that helps you connect with more customers and generate better revenue. Whether you’re running a small, medium, or large-scale business, you need a website to establish an online presence, build credibility, and provide seamless customer service.

Why is your website the best marketing tool for your business?

Your website allows you to take marketing and advertising to the next level, as you can reach customers with greater accuracy and reliability than using traditional offline marketing methods.

Will my website generate ROI for me?

When you hire the right team for your website, such as Computabilities, you will get a result-oriented platform that drives traffic and attracts more sales, thus generating ROI.

Can Computerbilities help me to build my website?

Yes. We bring together the best designers and developers under one roof to ensure you get eye-catching and effective results. Our development process gives your customers’ needs priority and guarantees that the outcome fulfills your business requirements.

How much does a new website cost for NC businesses?

The price of a new website depends on a range of factors, such as the number of pages, features, category of the website (is it e-commerce, portfolio, etc. ), design frameworks, and so on. Reach out to us today with your demands, and we’d provide affordable pricing for your website.

How long will it take to get a new website?

Due to our team’s vast experience and skills, we are able to complete every project in the shortest time possible. However, the length of each project may vary based on the features, files, pages, and other details it contains.

What about hosting? Do I have to host my website with you?

No. You don’t have to host your website with us. We can design and develop your website while you host it with your preferred company, even though we have some of the best and most reliable hosting plans.

What if I need website support?

We are a customer-oriented business that understands the importance of every customer and strives to see to their satisfaction. Our customer support is available 24/7, and we provide assistance before, during, and after your website is developed.

Can you help me update my existing website?

Yes. If you’re looking to revamp your existing website and give it a modern feel with improved quality and efficiency, Computabilities is the right place to be. We will update your existing website and help you align with industry trends while adding uniqueness and creativity.
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Adam Pittman is President of Computerbilities, Inc. and is a veteran Computer Technician and Network Engineer with more than 35 years of experience in the computer industry. Adam has worked with local and federal government agencies and with more than 2000 businesses in more than 100 industries, including companies such as Boeing, General Dynamics and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. In 2006, Adam was the recipient of the Businessman of the Year award and received the Secretary of Defense Patriotic Employer Award in 2017. Computerbilities was named Best of Business Raleigh Business Services in 2013. In his spare time, Adam is passionate about Sailing and has sailed the British and U. S. Virgin Islands more than a dozen times.