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Cloud Computing Services for NC Businesses

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Cloud computing is one of the most innovative services we offer at Computerbilities. Our simplifying and modernizing cloud computing services for Triangle businesses in North Carolina (NC). Cloud technology is changing information technology in the public sector and industries. As a leading cloud company in NC, we provide the complete support of cloud technology, its benefits, and features.

Scalable cloud technology services in NC.

Scalable Technology

Cloud computing able to decrease the IT resources as per the meet changing demands for industries. It is the main reason cloud service getting more popularity in business.


Tailor-Made Solutions

Computerbilities help you to data migration from planning through cutom implementation. We confirm you data confidentially migrate to your private cloud server.

Available on go cloud computing solutions for NC businesses

Available On-The-Go

No matter matter where are you, always stay connected with your business or important data. You can get all the access through your mobile devices

Cost effective cloud backup solutions in NC.


Instead of purchasing an entire suite of software, cloud computing grants access to all the necessary programs through a single web-based service.

Computerbilities Cloud solutions

Computerbilities cloud solutions provide in NC; We established a cloud platform for our clients to save their extensive data through a cloud server. Our cloud computing experts are very friendly with all kinds of cloud services. Call us now for better cloud experiences for your organization. Check our on-demand cloud solutions services for North Carolina (NC) businesses.

Microsoft 365 management cloud solutions in NC.

Microsoft 365 Management

Be an expert on your cloud environment using updated & automatic content and reliable custom management tools. Computerbilities offer office 360 installation, upgrade, migration, implementation, and support.

Cloud Application Hosting services in NC.

Application Hosting

Computerbilities help you hosting your application securely in a cloud server. Our cloud hosting services cut off the complexity, optimize business operation, enhance performance, improve security & better UX.

Cloud virtual server hosting services in NC.

Virtual Server Hosting

Our virtual server turns down your physical corporate infra, enhances operational flexibilities & responsibilities. Along with these, it can be able to improve your availability, business continuity & security.

Cloud security solutions for NC businesses

Cloud security

Computerbilities is the most reliable cloud security company in NC for a decade. Our service protects your cloud data in anticipation of unauthorized access, sharing & theft. Our cloud security engineers are always prepared to provide their best support, reducing risk & secure sensitive data.


Virtualization Support

Computerbilities is your go-to company for server virtualization support in NC. Our consultant set up your server visualization physical infrastructure, monitoring, storing data, reducing carbon emission, taking the snapshot, fast provisioning, dynamic load balancing, and enhance application

Cloud Virtual network services in NC.

Virtual Networks

We offer secure virtual network services for your NC businesses, using public internet connection tunnels we established a secure connection for offices. Are you looking for quality visual network services? Computerbilities is here to provide you right virtual environments to to connect with your various branches.

Cloud virtual desktop services in NC.

Virtual Desktops

Computerbilities propose advance virtual desktop infrastructure solutions for any business. We simplify and automate your VDI services, which authorized you to manage, deploy & optimize data anywhere. Computerbilities’s virtual desktops services (VDS) function as extension of cloud to validate inefficiencies.


SharePoint design and configuration

Computerbilities is the one-point solutions for SharePoint consulting, design, and configuration. We extensively upgrade and customized the SharePoint design allows users or groups to view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize lists, libraries, and pages on your site, including themes and style sheets.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing establishes the internet as your server or network. Instead of purchasing numerous applications to perform various functions, cloud computing services enable users to log into a web-based service through one single application, which houses all the necessary programs for your employees to perform their duties through cloud storage.

Affordable cloud solutions in NC.


It is one of the best versatile computing models now for any business. Cloud computing established itself as a most affordable to run and manage your own server.

Speed loading cloud server in NC.


Few clicks & you will be able to place your services using cloud computing. Its data driven approaches enhance your application, app, or website’s loading speed.

Global scale cloud computing solutions for NC businesses

Global Scale

Scale elastically is one of the advanced features of cloud computing. Its points choosing right amount of IT resources from exact geo location like computing power, storage, and band width etc.

Cloud technology can improve your productivity.


With cloud computing just forget about hardware setup, software patching, and other time-consuming IT management chores. So now your IT team can work on other business goal.

Cloud services can increase performance level


As you know cloud computing is run on worldwide network which regularly enhanced by fast & efficient hardware. It is reduced network latency for web app, mobile app, and websites.



Using cloud computing data can be replicate, so that data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier. Moreover, it is less expensive.

Cloud Services can provide most secure Infra


We as a cloud computing expert in NC, we provide quality wide set of policies, technology & reinforce companies overall securities. Secure your data, apps, and IT infrastructure.

We provide the best cloud support in NC

Customer Support

Computerbilitites customer support understand your need and expectation. We provide the smarter cloud support to optimize your performance and security.

Types of Cloud Computing

There are three types of cloud computing for online storage data. But it would help if you chose an appropriate cloud computing infrastructure for your cloud backup.

Public Cloud

Public cloud is running by third party cloud computing service provider, they offer the server and storage online. Even all the cloud server, hardware, software, and other required cloud infrastructure are owned and managed by them.

Private Cloud

A private cloud means it is physically existed in company’s datacentre. This type of cloud server used by a single company exclusively. Sometimes companies took help from third party to host and implement their private cloud.
Hybrid Cloud

It is the combination of both public and private cloud. This can easily share the data and application to both. By this shared a hybrid cloud provide your business more flexibility, deployment, & help to enhance your current infrastructure.

Computerbilities & Cloud Computing

If you want to improve the functionality of your NC business and decrease spending at the same time, cloud computing from Computerbilities is the solution you are looking for. Contact us today to schedule your free Peace of Mind Network Assessment. We are the Triangle’s most knowledgeable, trustworthy IT Service Company , and we are happy to help your business!

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular; here is why:

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Areas We Serve

  • Raleigh

    Upgrade your cloud computing services in Raleigh, NC, from computerbilities. We assure you our cloud platform leads to improve your capabilities and operation.
  • Durham

    Adopt cloud computing services for your Durham, NC business; computerbilities have successfully implemented many cloud servers as a service.
  • Cary

    We offer end-to-end cloud services, support, and consulting in Cary, NC. We are experts in cloud storage, cloud backup, and migration.
  • Chapel Hill

    Are you having an issue managing your cloud services in Carry NC? Do not worry computerbilities is here to serve you.
  • Apex

    Computerbilities is a leading cloud computing services provider in Apex, NC. Use our cloud technology for your business data storage, backup, and server.
  • Holly Springs

    Computerbilities terminated challenges and simplify cloud computing adoption. We are one of the best cloud computing companies in the Holly Springs area.
  • Wake Forest

    Call us for your cloud solutions anytime in the Wake Forest area; our cloud consultant offers you the best services for your business.
  • Morrisville

    Computerbilities is a high-rated cloud solutions provider in Morrisville, NC. Experience building out cloud services for your organization.

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Cloud Solutions FAQs

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing has data readily available in a secure remote location that the user can access, but the user does not directly manage it.

What is cloud computing used for?

Cloud computing is used primarily for businesses and individuals who want to keep their data in a secure offsite location. It is used for both file storage and web hosting.

What are four types of cloud computing?

The four types of cloud computing are private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

First, if there is a natural or man-made disaster, you can retrieve your data, and the business can be back up in no time. Another great benefit is the low cost of storage and capacity.

Can you use the cloud without the internet?

With Offline access, you can have access to files stored within the cloud without having an internet connection, but this has to be set up ahead of time.

How to access the cloud?

There are three ways you can access the cloud, with a VPN (Virtual Private Network, through an RSD (remote desktop server) and VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

How does cloud benefit small & medium businesses?

As mentioned before, data backup with cloud computing is considerably affordable, and the amount of data stored can grow as the data does.

How does Computerbilities help you in the cloud?

Computerbilities can help by managing data securely in the cloud and making sure all the data is being backed up properly.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is essentially a hub of data that can be accessed remotely.

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup is when files are stored in a remote location and can be retrieved at any time in case the company needs it at any given point in time.

What is a cloud migration?

A cloud migration is when a company moves all its data over to the cloud.

What are the best cloud platforms?

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud IBM Cloud are just a few of the best.
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