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Email Security Services For NC Businesses


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Computerbilities offers email security services to all our clients. These filters reduce your risk of ransomware and phishing scams immensely. The spam filter we use is called Proofpoint and is one of the very best on the market! In addition, there is easy access to the portal in a `100% cloud solution, which keeps you up and running even if there was to be an outage and easy updates install available when setting up the key on all the inboxes.

Our Email Security Solution is:

What is a spam filter?

Spam filters are used to spot malicious information in emails coming into email accounts. Those sending out fake or clickbait emails will often use social engineering to get the recipient to open the email. If the link is followed, instructions obeyed, email is replied to, this opens this individual up to many vulnerabilities often without their knowledge. Spam filters will often identify these malicious emails before they hit the inbox. Often these spam emails are obvious and can be a nuisance when crowding up your inbox. The spam filters will either put emails in your junk folder or quarantine the emails in a special folder so you can look through them to see if any wanted emails were sent to the folder on accident.

Why you need one?

Many individuals believe that their spam filter included in the traditional computer software is included is sufficient, which is far from the truth. Having ample email security services is more important than ever to keep your business secure. Your employee’s email is the easiest and most common method that hackers can access your data and money. Unfortunately, many businesses do not go that extra step to protecting their email tenant when it is often quite simple and inexpensive. A few benefits of spam filters include:

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Key Benefits of Computerbilities Email Security Services

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Prevent Attacks Before They Happen

Spam filters are not 100% accurate, but they significantly reduce the risk of staff receiving phishing emails or even spam emails that distract and take away from the essential items in one's inbox. Email protection services is an anti-spam solution that every business needs to take advantage of and implement in their business. Preparation is vital for spam prevention, and training employees not to be susceptible to these con artists is also a huge portion of preventing spam mail.

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Areas We Serve

  • Wake Forest: Computerbilities provides email security and protection services to businesses in the wake forest area. These services will give you peace of mind while saving time and money.
  • Holly Springs: Holly Spring is a large area to which Computerbilities provides spam protection. These tools give companies in Holly Springs the confidence that they are less susceptible to ransomware.
  • Apex: Email security is crucial for businesses in the Apex, North Carolina area to have. These services provide companies with peace of mind that their company is protected.
  • Chapel Hills: Computerbilities provides email spam protection businesses in the Chapel Hill area. These services give companies peace of mind and confidence that their confidential information is more protected.
  • Cary : Email security services vital to Cary, North Carolina businesses. These services give these companies the confidence that their data and information are being protected.
  • Durham : Computerbilities provides email security and protection to businesses in Durham, NC. Durham businesses can have peace of mind that their data is safe and sound.
  • Raleigh : Email security is a service that is a must-have for businesses to ensure their data is protected and they are not getting unwanted spam.
  • Morrisville: Morrisville companies need comprehensive email security services to ensure their data is safe and secure. Having the proper email security is vital in preventing ransomware.

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Email Security Services FAQs

If we use your email and spam protection, do we have to purchase any hardware?

No other hardware is required! Our solution is 100% cloud based.

Can we use spam protection on our MS office 365 email accounts?

Yes, we primarily work with Microsoft email accounts

What are the pros and cons of email spam filters?

Pro’s: More protection, less mess and not as likely to get breached Con’s: emails can get lost in the spam filters and may take a little time to adjust.

Will we have access to the emails that go into the spam filters?

Yes, you will have a login and will be able to see most of your emails that were quarantined for questionable content.

How do I know if my business needs email spam filters?

If your business uses email accounts, we highly recommend setting up the proper email security.

Will email spam filters help my business grow?

Yes, it will help increase productivity with fewer distractions and reduce the chance of phishing attacks and data breaches.

How do you provide email training for my employees?

We provide video training for all employees, and they will take a test at the end to make sure they retain what they learned.

How accurate is the spam filter?

Our spam filters are very accurate, but nothing is ever 100%. That is why employee training is so important.

Are spam filters expensive?

No, they are very inexpensive; the benefits certainly outweigh the costs.

How do you install the spam filter?

Rather simply install it for you on your email accounts and will work with each user to make sure it is adjusted properly.
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