As a Raleigh IT company, Computerbilities has provided high quality IT services to local small, medium, and large businesses for over 20 years. Our philosophy is to provide you with the quickest and highest-quality business IT support to minimize your business's downtime. Our business solutions offer the best network up-time and support for your network systems. One of our primary goals is to ensure that we provide each user in your company the support they need promptly and hassle-free.

We use best technology for IT services.

Best in Class Technology

We take pride in investing in the best technology and practices for our IT services clients. We strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

We provide rapid response as a top IT services Company.

Rapid Response

We have a plan that offers a 6-minute response time guarantee, while our more standard plan has a 1-hour response time.

We do fast resolution IT as a service.

Fast Resolution

We invest in knowledgeable technicians who value responsiveness and time management when completing service requests and IT services tickets.

We do fast resolution IT as a service.

Dedicated IT Team

We always strive for excellence by paying attention to every detail, ultimately exceeding our customer's expectations.

Our IT Consulting Services

Are you searching "IT services near me" in Google? Whether you are a first-time visitor to our site or a previous customer, we have the right IT consulting services for you! You will find IT professional services that fit to your business here on our website. If you should question regarding specific services or need a simple point in the right direction, please give us a call at (919) 276-0210 or email sales@computerbilities with your questions.

  • Network Monitoring - Computerbilities can help you always monitoring the health of your network with our services. Stay two steps ahead of any potential problems to help save your business downtime in the future.
  • Technical Support - Do you need simple tech support but do not know who to trust? We are one of the trusted IT consulting firm, happy to help you solve any technical problem — no matter how large or small.
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery - We encourage clients to implement data loss prevention practices, but we are happy to help if a network security issue occurs. We will work with you to create a data recovery plan that will protect your business.
  • IT Help Desk Needs - Are you missing an IT Help Desk for your business? Our well-trained staff uses ITIL-compliant solutions to help you get your computer and network back in order.
  • Remote Computer Service & Support - Do you need IT help immediately? We can provide you with computer support remotely from any location, simply by starting a remote in session. Find out how you can save time with our remote computer support.
  • Cloud Computing - Still do not completely understand what the cloud is? We at Computerbilities will take care of all the technical aspects of operating your business in the cloud. You can just enjoy the additional flexibility and functionality of cloud computing while we do the work for you! Storing all your important data in the cloud allows for easy access at an affordable rate.
  • Mobile IT Solutions - The use of mobile devices for business is no longer an afterthought. More and more people use cell phones, tablets, and laptops for work, which means your mobile network must be secure. Plus, we manage all the installations for every mobile solution your business needs!

Computerbilities – Trusted IT Services Provider in NC

We have served hundreds of happy clients and consistently earn top-rated Google reviews, a testament to the top-notch business IT services we provide throughout Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hills, Apex, Holly Springs & wake Forest. Even if you have individuals working from home, we can give your employees the right tools and software to keep them productive and secure.

Business technology is not as simple as some people believe, and the certifications, coupled with the 60 years of combined experience, the Computerbilities team can guarantee the best support available. Would you want a surgeon watching you-tube video learning while stitching you up, or one with years of experience? Similarly, a business owner or amateur "computer nerd" does not have the practical experience and advanced technical knowledge to keep your business technology running in peak performance and with adequate security measures. Business IT support takes years of training and constant learning, which most employees in your business or "part-time IT guys" do not have or do.

Goldman Sachs Award.

No1 best in business award.

Small business community association award.

Service disabled veteran owned small business.

Our IT Services & Consulting Clientele

Excellent Service and Attentiveness to My Account

I want to thank Computerbilities for your excellent service and attentiveness to my account. When needed, they always respond with a positive, helpful and professional attitude. Computerbilities always listens patiently, explains the issue in a way I can understand and successfully solves my problems with a specific and clear solution. Thanks to your experience I no longer have issues with programs, search problems or hard drive repairs.

Tony Nocito, Managing member ABCOV Companies, LLC. Tony Nocito Managing Member
ABCOV Companies, LLC

My Absolute Hero When It Comes To Technology

If there is a problem or issue, Computerbilities has a solution or an answer tailored to my specific problem. They are my absolute hero when it comes to technology. I have always felt I have a partner while working with Computerbilities. I am 100% satisfied.

Bill Aulicino, Owner, Crossroads European Automotive,Inc. Bill Aulicino Owner
Crossroads European Automotive, Inc

Computerbilities Saves Me Both Time and Money

Computerbilities has benefited my company tremendously by saving me both time and money. I no longer employ a full time-IT person, but I am still able to contact someone at a moment’s notice. Another benefit is the ability I have to talk and to resolve my issues much faster than with previous IT companies I have dealt with. I no longer have to call and open a ticket which was sometimes not addressed for days with those other previous companies. Overall, Computerbilities is great! They are extremely responsive, knowledgeable and always looking for ways to get the job done right for the least amount of cost.  I love that they are local and never have a problem coming on site to diagnose or meet with us about an idea or problem. As a small business owner, these are definitely traits I appreciate in my service providers.

Alicia Schautteet, Administrative Officer, Synecor. Alicia Schautteet Administrative Officer

It’s Simple; Call Computerbilities

It’s simple; If you want your network and computers to work, call Computerbilities. Because of them, I have a tailored solution for my business but if any issue arises I know I can call Computerbilities and count on their quick response time.

Nicole Mastmeier, Owner, Blue Diamond Jewelers. Nicole Mastmeier Owner
Blue Diamond Jewelers

Industries We Serve as An IT Consulting Firm

Usually, whenever a company does not have a specific person or company assigned to their IT tasks, the website developer or similar employee is put in charge of the technology. While this person may be tech-savvy and know their way around a computer, they make many mistakes. Some can be detrimental to your business, as they are not experienced, certified technology professionals. Although your network may appear to be functioning properly, without the oversight of an IT consulting firm, there are security issues and network problems you are unaware of. We understand these situations, and we will work with your employee as the main point of contact for your IT Services.

IT services for construction industries.


We have been specializing in servicing the construction industry in the Raleigh-Durham area with all their IT service needs and support for over 25 years. We see our own clients in these fields prosper and thrive.

IT services for Engineering Industries.


We recognize the complexities of engineering companies' IT services needs and have come up with solutions/systems to allow them to eliminate their problems; while allowing them to be more efficient and profitable.

IT Services for Architecture Industry.


We give architecture companies the ability to work and share files easily/efficiently while under tight deadlines.

IT Services for Manufacturing Industry.


Our customized solutions for manufacturing companies allow them to work hand in hand with their technology, allow their IT services to work for them, and benefit them in the end.

Areas We Serve IT AS A Service

Our IT services are hassle-free and straightforward for the user. Our technicians will come onsite to the office do a survey of your entire system, find out the root cause and resolve it with high priority. No more messing around with sketchy IT consulting companies and being overpriced for your IT services; we provide it all!

IT services company in Wake Forest, NC.

Wake Forest NC

We are happy to provide excellent IT services and consulting to Wake Forest NC and all the surrounding areas.

IT services company in Holly Springs, NC.

Holly Springs NC

Holly Springs NC is an area where we provide businesses with IT services and consulting, including remote and onsite support.

IT Services company in Apex, NC.

Apex NC

We service Apex NC with renowned IT consulting and services. We are providing both remote and onsite IT assistance to this area.

IT Services Company in Chapel Hills, NC.

Chapel Hills NC

Computerbilities can provide Chapel Hill NC Businesses with reliable and dependable IT services and consulting to keep Businesses up and running.

IT services Company in Cary, NC.

Cary NC

We are proud to provide Cary NC businesses with excellent IT services and IT consulting, with unlimited onsite and remote support!

IT Services Company in Durham, NC.

Durham NC

We provide IT services and consulting to businesses in the entire Durham NC area, with unlimited onsite and remote support.

IT Services Company in Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh NC

Raleigh, NC is the main area we provide IT services and consulting to businesses. Along with onsite and remote technical support.

IT Services & Consulting FAQs

What types of hardware are covered under your IT services packages?

IT services range from your basic computer setup to moving entire companies to cloud infrastructures. Any electronic that plugs into the wall at your business can we can either manage or find the right solution to fit your needs.

Will you guarantee that I won't have any technical problems or downtime under your IT services?

No, we cannot guarantee that you will never have any technical problems or downtime; no one can. However, we will guarantee you will see a significant drop in the number of issues you experience and a dramatic improvement in your system's speed, performance, and reliability. Plus, we will resolve any computer network problems for no additional fees if you are a Platinum Client.

If I sign up for an IT services package for my business, what is my commitment?

We require that clients sign up for a 12-month minimum commitment to allow us to allocate the appropriate resources to your account.

Is your IT services helpdesk 24/7/365?

Yes, we can offer you around-the-clock support on one of our plans.

How long does it take to get businesses completely onboarded onto your IT services platform?

We support your IT service needs as soon as your agreement begins.  It can take anywhere from 30-90 days to get your company completely onboarded, depending on the size and structure of your network.

How long have you been providing IT services and consulting to the NC Triangle?

Proud to say that we have been servicing the NC Triangle for over 25 years!

What are the benefits of outsourcing your IT to an IT services company?

There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT! Less downtime when something goes wrong. We will handle that for you. You get an organization that is skilled with the latest software and policies, making sure you are always up to date and safe. You get a flat rate fee everyone month and no surprise bills coming your way, and there are plenty more!

I see you mainly manage companies that are in the contracting industry. Do you take companies from different industries?

It is true that we work mainly with companies in the contracting industry, but we do have clients in many different industries. As long as you are a good fit, we will help businesses with their IT services if they need it.

Where is your business located, and how far do you service businesses away from your location?

We are located in Cary, NC, and we will provide IT services to businesses within an hour radius of our office.

How does your IT services support structure work?

Once you are signed on as a client, we provide 8 AM- 5 PM unlimited remote and onsite support. We also have a plan where you can have 24/7/365 remote support.

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