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Sick And Tired Of The Robo Scam Calls – Heres The Solution

Who else gets 5-10 spam calls a day? Many phone carriers have been able to start detecting these incoming calls and label their caller Id as “Scam Likely,” but often they cannot detect who is calling. These spoof callers have been […]

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Why Touchless Tech Is-Going To Be Hot In 2022

In the world of COVID-19 and the need to continually sanitize everything, there is a growing demand for technology to be even more accessible. Even without the touch of a button. Looking back before 2020, we wouldn’t think twice about […]

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facebook Marketplace Scam

Shocking Paypal Facebook Marketplace Scam Dont-Purchase Online Until You Know These 3 Things

Online shopping is blowing up the internet, now more than ever before, and we all know why! This pandemic has crippled the traditional shopping trends, and now Cyber Monday may be the biggest sale of the year. Not only do […]

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IT Support

Scammers Are Getting Smarter And Even Targeting It Professionals

Scams are becoming a worldwide issue nowadays! Individuals go years or even their whole lives without realizing that they were a victim of a scam. Sadly, many discover too late that their information was previously compromised, after realizing that their […]

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Why Your Password Is Hackable Why Passwords Are The Foundation Of Computer Security

The passwords we use secure our identity, and treasured belongings can be potentially harmed if these credentials become compromised. As technology advances, so does the need for strong, complex passwords. Multi-factor authentication is another security step commonly used to advance security. How […]

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Scammer fraud

Nigerian Billionaire Influencer Arrested With 431 Million Scammer Fraud

38-year-old Raymond Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi, by his Instagram handle, has been arrested for funding his extravagant lifestyle through hacking scams, mainly targeted all through Europe, Nigeria, and the United States. The most common scamming tactics that he used were: […]

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Black search box

The Black Box A Windows 10 Problem

We are not only a company that provides assistance with business’s IT systems and functionality, we also can help you understand isolated issues! THE WINDOWS 10 DILEMA This past week we got a lot of questions regarding an issue with […]

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Dollar General

Watch Out For Fake Coupons On Social Media

The fake coupon scam gained traction in 2016 and is still tricking consumers to this day. It becomes even more prominent around back-to-school, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and Christmas. These bogus coupons claim to be from well-known companies such […]

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Dont Fall Victim To Tech Support Scams

Dont Fall Victim To Tech Support Scams

What is a tech support scam? Tech support scammers want you to believe you have a serious problem with your computer. They want you to pay for tech support services you don’t need, to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. […]

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Dont Just Throw Away Your Old Computer in Dust bin

Dont Just Throw Away Your Old Computer

When you dispose of, donate, or recycle an electronic device, you may disclose sensitive information which could be exploited by cyber criminals. There are a few ways to effectively remove all data from your devices. The method will depend on […]

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