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In the world of COVID-19 and the need to continually sanitize everything, there is a growing demand for technology to be even more accessible. Even without the touch of a button.

Looking back before 2020, we wouldn’t think twice about the sanitation of public water fountains, tasting each other’s food, or even simply shaking someone’s hand.

However, this COVID-19 pandemic has made the entire population aware of these unsanitary flaws in the system; eliminating many of these unsanitary practices will be something we see in the future.

iPhone face scanners and touchless toilets were once considered highly advanced technology. They may be a feature included in even more products we see more of in 2022 and beyond as the world adapts to a contact-free lifestyle.

These types of devices’ growing popularity will catapult a need for more advanced sensors and product development. Voice devices are also considered a category of touchless devices; the most popular devices are Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home Assist, and Amazon’s Alexa (2021).

These devices’ popularity has resulted in many more manufacturers implementing touchless tech everywhere they can. However, there are some risks and concerns with this new tech.

  1. Security is a growing concern with voice devices. There have been numerous accounts of privacy violations relating to Amazon’s Alexa back in 2019. We still must be careful with the other hidden settings and disclosures in other voice-activated devices(2019). You never know who’s listening.
  2. Product failure is another risk that can be hazardous and inconvenient if your devices don’t work as planned. For example, a self-driving Tesla has a mechanical issue, then boom, a life-threatening accident, your Alexa records a nasty conversation you are having about someone and then sends it to them; yikes! The possibilities are endless for these errors. Big or small, they can cause quite a disruption!
  3. Bankruptcy for specific markets that do not adapt to the modern tech world is a reason for concern. What about shopping malls? People love to shop, but with Amazon Prime’s ease, shopping is touchless and extremely simple for the consumer. According to an estimate made by Green Street Advisors, more than half of stores in malls will be closed by the end the 2021 (Rey, 2020).

We are entering a new age of technology; while this isn’t all bad, we must figure out how to adapt.

What is a touchless device that you would like to see in 2022?

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