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Best IT Support Companies in Raleigh, NC

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Best IT support and managed IT services companies in Raleigh, NC

The Best IT Support Companies in Raleigh

Want to take the trouble out of looking for an efficient and reliable IT Company in Raleigh? Business owners and managers know technology’s critical role in their businesses. But finding and maintaining an internal team of experts to support your business may be difficult and expensive for small to medium-sized organizations. Therefore, managed IT service providers exist and can be a game changer for many businesses striving to grow. We know how overwhelming it can be when you are searching for the best Raleigh IT Support Company to partner with for your business.

Your goal is probably to find a reliable IT firm that is highly knowledgeable and can help you make smart business decisions to drive your productivity while happily supporting your day-to-day operations. With so many Raleigh IT Companies to choose from, selecting the best IT company for your needs can be a daunting challenge. Don’t Stress! We’ve done the hard work of collecting Raleigh’s top IT service providers based on four essential criteria.

Technical Expertise
Customer Service
Solid Reputation

The Top 10 Best IT Companies In Raleigh

1) Computerbilities

With more than 25 years in business, Computerbilities is a disabled- veteran-owned small business in the IT support industry. Computerbilities has been offering IT support to small companies Since 1995 in an industry where firms generally come and go every few years. They offer services throughout the entire Raleigh- Durham area, primarily to contracting and sub-contracting businesses.  

Computerbilities is dedicated to their clients, evidenced by their client relationships’ longevity. Computerbilities has numerous clients who have been with them for over ten years, a few longer than 15 years. They know that a client’s IT needs are driven by business needs. Therefore, Computerbilities works with clients to help them realize their business objectives by designing, implementing, and supporting ‘business-driven’ technology solutions. 

Valuing being a friendly and highly responsive extension of their client’s IT needs, Computerbilities prides themselves on answering all their calls live during business hours, guaranteeing a 6-minute response time!  

They offer a complimentary 1 Hour Network Assessment to prove the quality of their services, and all their work is backed by a 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee. 

Some of the services Computerbilities provides to their Raleigh small-medium business clients are: 

2) Benton Technology Solutions

Founded in 2009, Benton Technology Solutions is another reputable IT company in the Raleigh, NC, area. These guys offer a wide range of tech solutions—from IT support, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity to web filtering and hosted PBX services.  

They offer the following options on their website: 

  • Cloud & Hosting Services 
  • Network Management 
  • IT Security Services 
  • Strategic Technology Planning 
  • VoIP phone solutions 
  • Mobile Network Security 
  • Web Traffic Filtering 
  • Hosted PBX services 

3) Scarlett Group

Since 2006, the Scarlett Group has been providing IT services to companies in all of Raleigh and in numerous other states, including Florida, Jacksonville, New York City, Austin, Texas, and many more. The goal, more than just providing technical support, is to help businesses achieve their organizational objectives. In their Raleigh IT section, they describe themselves as business professionals, as well as expert technicians: 

“We are passionate about innovation and problem-solving, and we believe technology is the key to success. Every solution we provide is driven by experienced people who are determined to understand your business goals and align your IT infrastructure to help you achieve them.” 

These are the services provided by the Scarlett Group: 

  • Comprehensive IT Discovery 
  • Limitless Proactive IT Support 
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Human Support 
  • Managed Network and Endpoint Security 
  • Managed Backups and Data Safety 
  • IT Budgeting and Forecasting 
  • Preventive Maintenance 

4) Managed IT Solutions

Acquired in 2015, Managed IT Solutions is focused on providing IT solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas.  

As an IT solutions provider, we know the importance of communication for the success of IT service; that’s why we consider MITs one of the best IT companies in Raleigh. They are committed to providing fast, friendly, and highly responsive IT services.  

Like they say on their About us page: 

“We allow you to do just that while in the background; we work 24/7 to keep your technology working and secure. Whether you’re looking to keep IT costs predictable, avoid unexpected problems, communicate more effectively, or make a plan for business continuity”  

Services you can get with Managed IT Solution: 

  • Fully managed IT support 
  • Cybersecurity assessments and fully managed solutions 
  • Virus and spyware removal and protection 
  • HIPAA assessments and compliance plans 
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks) 
  • Remote access 
  • Server installations, upgrades, and management 
  • Spam filtering and email solutions 

5) XceedIT, Inc

The guys of XceedIT are clear on what is essential in the IT industry. They are committed to caring about their customers’ satisfaction, increasing work accuracy, and always providing a fast response to their clients. 

We couldn’t agree more with their values: 

“We are professionals who take pride in delivering affordable, best-of-breed IT solutions and services with a friendly and patient attitude. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive IT services and management that benefit your business success.” 

These are the tech solutions that XceedIT has to offer: 

  • Managed IT Services 
  • IT Consulting 
  • Procurement 
  • Cloud Solutions 


CMIT is a nationwide, managed IT services provider that combines local expertise with the strength of a national network. 

 This company, which has more than 20 years of experience and more than 200 locations, offers tailored service and support to small businesses. 

“Our goal is to provide the IT support that local businesses need to thrive. We live and work here, too, and when our local business community is thriving, we also benefit.” 

CMIT offers the following services: 

  • Managed IT 
  • Data Protection and Backup 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Networking 
  • Network Security 
  • Hosting and Cloud 
  • Applications 
  • Mobile Device Management 
  • IT Procurement 
  • Virtual CIO/CTO 

7) A Step Ahead IT

A Step Ahead IT is another good Raleigh IT company. They’re a forward-looking company that helps you keep up with new technologies so your business can stay competitive. In their own words, this is how they describe themselves: 

“You can relax knowing our partnership with your organization means we take your IT personally and strive to keep your staff productive with the tools they need to drive your business forward. 

Change the way you think about IT with A Step Ahead IT.” 

These are the services offered by A Step Ahead IT: 

  • Managed IT services  
  • IT security services 
  • Cloud Computing services 
  • Medical and legal technology  
  • Data services 
  • Workflow automation 
  • Hardware services  
  • Software services 

8) Electric

Electric is a nationwide business that has gained tremendous growth since the rise in popularity of remote work!  

This is how Electric describes its process:  

“When building a business, time is your most valuable resource. The last thing you should worry about is an IT solution that can’t keep up. As the world transitions to remote and hybrid work, many organizations are questioning their next best steps. Electric can help you transform IT into your business’s strategic advantage. 


  • Managed Services 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • IT Strategy 
  • VoIP Phone 
  • Business-Class Internet 

9) CSP Inc 

The expertise with which CSP performs its work is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the technology field. From their website: 

” We are truly blessed by this sustained success and do not take it for granted. It is humbling to consider all of the friendships and partnerships we have cultivated over the years and the many businesses we have helped!” 

Services that they provide: 

  • Managed IT Services 
  • Assessments & Consulting 
  • Voice & Collaboration Solutions 
  • Data Center & Virtualization Solutions 
  • Mobility & Wireless Solutions 
  • Security Solutions 
  • Business Continuity Solutions 
  • Email Security and Archiving 

10) ThinkTech Advisors

Celebrating over 20 years in business, Think Tech Advisors is advocated to help small companies to solve their technological problems. For Think Tech Advisors, their customers are the #1 priority; that’s why they run the company under the values of integrity, determination, establishing good relationships, and helpfulness. In their own words: 

” ThinkTech views each client relationship as a partnership and places great emphasis on building those relationships. It is our belief that these relationships will allow our clients to experience the benefits of new technology deployments at a quicker pace. This will lower the total overall cost of ownership and provide easier transitions to new technologies. 

Think tech offers the following Raleigh technology solutions: 

  • Managed IT Services 
  • Cloud Services 
  • IT Consulting 
  • Cybersecurity and Compliance 
  • Virtual CIO Services 

So, which IT company in Raleigh will best meet your needs?

Computerbilities offers the best in the local industry when it comes to IT solutions. The company has a strong reputation, is dependable and responsive, offers customer service that can’t be beaten, and is in the same area as you. 

To find out how Computerbilities can provide Raleigh Managed IT Services for your business, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 919-469-5060. 

Written By – Rebecca Pearce (IT Marketing Coordinator)

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