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Scientists are building the world's largest hard drive , made of DNA.

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  • Scientists are building the world’s largest hard drive , made of DNA.
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Scientists are building the world’s greatest-capacity hard drive, much smaller than you might think. The storage space will theoretically be only a few millimeters in size. Still, they will require researchers to obtain hundreds of terabytes of data to test the prototype.

The hard drive prototype was created by Dr. Nick Goldman and his team at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Every day, trillions of megabytes of data are being generated. That is nearly two million years’ worth of MP3 music being developed daily. Inevitably, all this data needs to be stored.

Current forms of data storage, such as hard drives or CDs/DVDs, house a limited amount of data in a given space. With more and more data being created, higher density data storage methods are required.

Using DNA from cells, they’ve converted digital files into DNA code, and they’re able to store that data in a much smaller way than what we’re used to. In fact, it’s so tiny that you can’t even see it!

With this new technology, scientists can store unlimited movies, music, and files indefinitely. The prototype is still in the early stages of development but in another 10 or 20 years? After that, you might be able to store trillions of terabytes on your DNA hard drive!

Hopefully, they’ll continue to find ways to make DNA data storage more effective and streamline the process. It’s not a replacement for traditional storage, but it’s promising for the future. And who knows? Someday in the far-off future, you might build your own DNA hard drive.

Currently, data storage in the cloud is the most cost-effective and efficient method to safely store data. If you are interested in moving your data to the cloud, please contact us at (919)469-5060 or email [email protected].

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