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The Carying Place – Supporting Local Families In the NC Triangle This Season

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The caring place – Support Local Families in NC Triangle
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The Carying Place is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing charity for homeless persons and supporting individuals and families in the NC Triangle. Besides providing material support, they empower homeless families with life skills and financial literacy that help them improve their financial situation and provide for themselves, thus living independently.

What Exactly Does “The Carying Place” Do?

Charity for the homeless

The Carying Place provide charity for homeless, working families with children in the NC Triangle, which entails:

  • A furnished temporary apartment
  • Rent and utilities
  • Support partners who enlighten families on basic skills such as balancing a checkbook, creating and following a budget, starting a savings program, etc.
  • Children’s program to determine and cater to the needs of each child

Supporting individuals and families

The Carying Place supports motivated individuals and families by providing opportunities for personal growth and development within a 16-week period. Individuals and families will acquire skills that will improve their chances of getting better employment opportunities and raise their standard of living.


Their endowment program helps us raise funds for all our expenses and support services, such as temporary housing, utility bills, events, and training, etc. With the endowment program, they can preserve important assets, gradually increase the number of families we help, and continue to impact lives positively. Kindly click here to donate to our program.

Events & Empower

They feature a series of events designed to empower homeless families and elevate their financial situation within a short period. These programs help individuals and families learn important skills that make them become self-sufficient in life.

“The Carying Place” – Mission, Impact, and Outcome


The mission is to help homeless, working families with children live a beautiful life again by equipping them with important life skills and financial literacy within a short period. By providing temporary accommodation for each family and catering to their basic needs for the period they are enrolled in the program.


They have impacted more than 500 families and taken them from homelessness to self-sufficiency across our 29 years of existence. Teaching life skills at our regular meetings and events and enhanced their financial literacy, thus making them capable of running and maintaining a good life.


The Carying Place has an impressive 80% success rate, saved an average of $3-5k, and helped over 500 families, including 860+ children. Our charity organization has supported individuals and families interested in becoming self-sufficient and elevating their standard of living through impacting beneficial knowledge.

Help Our Homeless Working Families With Children

From voluntary participation to financial donations, we need every support we can get to help homeless, working families live a normal life again. You can donate to this praiseworthy course by clicking here.

Awards, Recognition & Memberships

Awards, recognition, and memberships include:

  • Charitable Partner Award – The Cary Chamber of Commerce – 2009, 2013 , 2018 & 2022 
  • Participation in Business Networking International – Profits in the Park Chapter
  • Member of Morrisville Chamber of Commerce
  • Participation in Women In Networking – Cary Chapter
  • National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE)


Computerbilities is a proud supporter of Carying Place, a Cary, North Carolina-based charity organization supporting homeless individuals and families in the North Carolina Triangle area. We are delighted about all the good work they have done over the years and look forward to seeing more exceptional charity work.

Want to help us impact more lives? Your donation will be highly appreciated. Kindly click here to donate now.

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