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What is IT Support? Definition and Functions

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What is IT support?
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What is IT Support?


Welcome to the 21st century, the age of information and technology (IT). Every business, whether small or large, depends on IT to meet modern age demands and thrive. From business operations to employee management, IT impacts a wide range of sections, allowing each department to function efficiently.

Effective IT can automate specific business tasks, thereby eliminating redundancy and improving the quality of goods or services, which leads to greater customer satisfaction. Computers, networks, printers, and other IT-related devices provide seamless communication between employees and increase workflow considerably.

But what happens when your IT system fails to perform due to a technical issue? Business operations halt, communication is jeopardized, and productivity dwindles; and that’s exactly why IT Support is crucial.

IT Support

When your business experiences technological issues, you need dependable Tech support to restore normalcy as quickly as possible. IT Support is a comprehensive term covering any technology-related assistance provided for individuals or businesses. IT Services brings timely solutions to issues affecting your computers, printers, networks, and other parts of your IT system.

What does IT Support Do?

IT Support is responsible for solving all software and hardware problems and answering questions surrounding the use of IT devices and networks. IT Support helps businesses to set up, install, configure, and maintain IT Systems and network equipment such as computer hardware and software, routers, switches, printers, scanners, etc.

Not only that, but IT Support also regularly performs maintenance upgrades on the current system to ensure optimal system and network performance, resulting in greater business productivity. Additionally, IT Support protects businesses from cyberattacks, protects valuable digital assets, and educates employees on how to use IT to boost performance. What do IT Support technicians do?

IT Support Technicians are responsible for setting up, installing, configuring, and maintaining IT Systems and networks. They provide timely and effective solutions to all tech issues that arise in order to keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. IT Support Technicians may also guide employees and customers on using business-specific software programs to accomplish specific tasks.

The role of a technician includes answering phone calls, questions, and live chats relating to technical difficulties so as to swiftly fix any IT-related issues such as poor or nonexistent networks, computers running slowly, data loss, etc. Other responsibilities of IT Support Technicians include:

  • Planning and carrying out maintenance upgrades from time to time
  • Repairing IT devices (e.g., computers) and replacing parts
  • Investigating and troubleshooting software issues
  • Responding to system breakdown
  • Etc.

Depending on the complexity of the technological issue, Technical Support can be categorized into Level 1 and Level 2.

Level-1 Technical Support

Level-1 Technical Support refers to any basic support that can be provided by IT personnel with average understanding and experience of technical issues i.e. junior-level technical support personnel. Level-1 Technicians usually have limited access to company data and will direct any complex technological issue to Level-2 Technicians.

The responsibilities of Technicians in Level-1 include:

  • Collection of customer queries, requests, and data
  • Attending to customers via phone calls
  • Responding to social media chats and user emails
  • Solving common issues such as menu navigation, setup and installation errors, username and password errors, and verification of hardware and software.
  • Conducting basic troubleshooting
  • Creating tickets for Technicians in Level-2 Support
Level-2 Technical Support

Level-2 Technical Support Technicians provide solutions to advance technical issues that the Level-1 support team can’t handle. They receive the tickets created by junior technicians, review them to understand how much Tech support has been provided so far and determine the right course of action to solve the issue.

Level-2 Technicians may communicate with users for an in-depth understanding of the problem before proceeding with troubleshooting. These technicians have deeper knowledge and experience in solving tech-related problems and are also equipped with a solid understanding of the company products.

Essential & Key Benefits of IT Support For Businesses (100 words)

IT Support offers tons of benefits for businesses and allows operations to carry on smoothly with little to zero interruptions. With reliable IT Support, productivity across various departments skyrockets, and communication with different teams occurs seamlessly. As a result, businesses can optimize their employees’ abilities and easily upgrade their skillset through virtual training whenever they need to adjust operational practices. Some of the core advantages of IT Support for businesses include:

IT-support advantages include the following:

Increase ROI & Reduced Spend

Businesses can cut costs and increase workflow by automating specific tasks using an efficient IT System. Investing in IT Support greatly reduces downtime and boosts customers’ trust and loyalty. Due to this, businesses record more patronage and generate greater revenue, thus increasing their Return On Investment (ROI).

Increase Innovation & Speed

It’s not sufficient to merely have IT Systems; you need to regularly optimize their performance and integrate innovative ideas that help your business meet up with our fast-paced world. Professional IT Support will help to enhance innovation in your company and keep your moving ahead of time.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

With cyberattacks increasing and evolving by the hour across various industries, having dependable Tech Support is essential to keep your Cybersecurity at peak level. A single successful cyberattack can lead to the loss of valuable data and disruption in operations, causing financial loss. Computabilities puts you on top of your Cybersecurity game and keep your business well secured.

Delighted Employees

Employees perform better when they have the right resources and backup. When there’s an issue with the computer systems or networks, employees know what to do to resolve the issue and restore normalcy. Undoubtedly, this brings delight to their hearts, reduces downtime, and enhances productivity.

Better IT Adaptable

Technology moves at a very fast pace, and businesses that want to remain relevant and competitive must adapt to new developments. Reliable IT Support can help your business stay up to date with technological tools and techniques and make the most of them for profitability.

Effortless Scaling

As your business grows, certain tasks become more tedious and time-consuming. However, with dependable IT Support, you can quickly scale operations to accommodate business growth. Automate and assign tasks with ease and get quick yet high-quality results from your employees and tech investment.

Less Time Worrying & More Time Managing

An issue as simple as poor network connection can significantly impact your employees’ performance and cause dissatisfaction, especially when there’s no dependable IT Support. They’d have to worry about figuring out the solution, and that dwindles their productivity. With reliable IT Support in place, everyone spends less time worrying and more time managing their roles.

Maximized Company Efficiency & Productivity

Why are more companies incorporating IT into their operations in this age? It’s simple; IT increases business efficiency and productivity. And with advancements in AI(Artificial Intelligence), you can easily teach the computer to handle certain tasks and supplement your staff in others, thus reducing stress on employees and boosting the quality of products and services.

Customized Services

Every business is unique, even when they sell the same products or serve the same market. Your operation policies and procedures may bring about unique IT issues that require tailored solutions for optimal results. IT Support can provide customized IT services that effectively address your technological issues and meets your business needs.

Where Does IT Support Fit On Your Team?

Gone are the days when IT departments used to be separated from other teams and kept hidden away in the basement. Today, with more operations relying on IT for efficiency, businesses have begun to realize that IT departments are indispensable tools for the progress and success of other departments. As a result, organizations have started to integrate IT departments into their core organizational structure fully. In fact, successful businesses with multiple teams now provide IT Support for the teams separately since each department’s systems, databases, and tools vary. Doing this has greatly enhanced the productivity of each department, minimized downtime, and increased profitability significantly.

Tools For IT Support


Getting IT Support for your business will enable you to enhance productivity, cut costs, and deliver quality to your customers. If you’re looking for a dependable, experienced, and dedicated IT Support team for your company, Computabilities is the name to trust. Reach out to us on 919-276-0282 or email at [email protected] to get top-tier Tech Support today.

Written By – Adam Pittman

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