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SharePoint and office 365 for Construction and subcontracting companies

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SharePoint and office 365 for Construction
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The success of any construction project relies not only on the competency of the individuals in the team but also on effective communication between team members. Excellent communication enables each team member to understand their roles and responsibilities and collaborate effortlessly.

On the other hand, poor communication can cause errors in job execution, leading to delays and a waste of resources. The impact of communication becomes more apparent when subcontracting as you’d be working with individuals or teams who are not originally part of your company and may not understand your work culture.

The only way to avoid wasting time, energy, and money is by putting an effective communication medium in place, which is why SharePoint and office 365 are critical technology tools for construction and subcontracting companies.

SharePoint Solutions For Construction

SharePoint is a web-based intranet that helps companies improve data storage, use, and sharing, thereby increasing business efficiency. Construction works sometimes require updating project drawings to address certain on-site situations or fit clients’ needs. Thus, having an effective solution for data sharing and communication, such as SharePoint, makes continuous collaboration possible and easy. Some of the benefits that using SharePoint offers construction and subcontracting companies include:

1. Project Schedule and Reports

With SharePoint, project scheduling and reports in the construction industry have never been easier. As the project manager, SharePoint provides a central project hub through which you can assign roles, schedule tasks, and get timely reports to keep track of the progress.

2. Trade Knowledge Base

Every successful construction company has unique trade secrets and special business practices that give them an edge over others in the industry. SharePoint allows you to keep this competitive advantage by storing your secrets in a single knowledge base centre and locking it with a password so that no one gains access to your secrets without your permission.

3. Safety Messages and Alerts

From company-wide announcements to team-specific information, you can safely communicate through messages and alerts on SharePoint. Effective communication fosters seamless collaboration and makes sure every team member works towards achieving the desired result.

4. Equipment or Subcontractor Registers

Companies can avoid losing money from equipment loss by using SharePoint to keep track of all tools and equipment on site. You can as well create an editable subcontractor register to have up-to-date information on the subcontractors on site at any time. This practice can strengthen the security of your equipment and prevent financial loss.

5. Site Diary

Record and follow up on the activities of your field engineers, technicians, and team by creating a site diary. SharePoint makes site diary creation effortless as you have a mobile-ready form in the application designed for such a purpose. Record on the go while you efficiently manage other aspects of the construction project.

6. Site Induction

No more racking your brain during site induction to know whether or not you have covered all the necessary details. SharePoint offers you site induction automation options using SharePoint Task List. You can create your induction checklists easily and monitor their status in real-time.

7. Staff Directory

Sometimes you need to find the contact details of a team member to reach out to them for different purposes. Take out the stress of going through your phone contact or paper documents to find your staff’s contact by using the SharePoint online staff directory. Search employees easily by name, job title, department, or other descriptions.

8. Drawing Versioning

SharePoint versioning allows you to restore and track items in a list or as files in a library each time they are changed. The system automatically numbers each new drawing version so you can know what items you saved last. Plus, you can see who last revised your diagrams, drawings, or schematics using this powerful application.

Why Choose Our Industry Expert?

Your choice of partner determines how much benefit your construction or subcontracting company will derive from technology, especially from essential programs like SharePoint and office 365. With Computabilities in charge of your licensing, implementation, customization, and support, you can rest assured that your company will make the most of your investment in digital technology.

We will help you stay competitive in the industry by integrating tech solutions into your operations for optimal performance and productivity. Our track record of reliability and performance optimization with various tech resources makes us the ideal partner for your Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 adoption.

Let’s Start with SharePoint and office 365

While we can handle all kinds of IT tasks, including providing uninterrupted networks, setting up business software, troubleshooting your IT system, and more, you might want to start our partnership journey with SharePoint and office 365 management. Doing this will give you an insight into our practices at Computabilities and make you feel satisfied that you’re with the perfect partner.

1. Project Management

Manage multiple projects like a pro and get the best results with the help of SharePoint. From scheduling to task assignments, you can manage your construction project effectively and with less stress.

2. Information Protection

Information theft can be devastating for businesses, especially those in construction and subcontracting niches. Give your business rock-solid protection against malicious actors and keep your secret practices passworded with SharePoint.

3. Application Development

When you need to develop tailored apps to address specific business needs and automate certain tasks, SharePoint is the place to go. Even when you’re not a techie, SharePoint technology operates on no to low code, which is why most businesses choose the SharePoint app over others.

4. Reporting & Analysis

Get reports from team members, analyze site data, and gain maximum insights so as to take positive decisions that enhance productivity. You can also choose to publish crucial data or share them with specific professionals for experience-driven contributions.


SharePoint and office 365 can significantly transform operations in construction and subcontracting companies and set them up for greater productivity and profitability. If you’re ready to incorporate SharePoint and office 365 into your construction business, kindly contact us at 919-276-0282 or email [email protected].

Written By – Adam Pittman

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